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'Into The Forest': 5 Things We Learned About Ellen Page And Evan Rachel Wood

by Kristin Lai, published on June 23, 2016 - 2:05 AM

Into the Forest is an upcoming sci-fi suspense-drama starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood. In this dystopian tale, they play two sisters who are forced to survive in an apocalyptic world when a massive countrywide power outage leaves them alone in the dark and with limited means.

Today, Movie Pilot went live with Page and Wood to talk about Into the Forest and answer questions submitted by you, the fans. Be sure to watch the interview in its entirety on the Movie Pilot Facebook page.

Over the course of 17 minutes, we learned a lot from the charming and charismatic twosome. We decided to take a few of our favorite tidbits and share them here with you guys.

1. What was your favorite scene to film in Into the Forest?

Into the Forest

Both actresses unanimously agreed that their favorite scene was when the sisters find a bottle of booze and proceed to get drunk. Although Into the Forest is a largely serious film, there is a brief moment of levity when the characters Nell and Eva drink their sorrows away.

Even though the scene is brief, it serves as a metaphorical escape, allowing the characters to travel back to a simpler time and maintain a sense of normalcy in a world that has crumbled around them. Wood said of the scene:

"There was so much improvisation and it was such a silly night. And in such a serious film it was the one time we really got to let some of the air out and Ellen and I just got to be our silly selves. I feel like that's a glimpse into what it was like after they yelled 'cut.'"

2. What is your favorite post-apocalyptic book or movie?

Into the Forest

Wood and Page clearly bonded over the course of filming, because once again they shared the same answer, both citing the 2004 novel Time of the Wolf by Michael Haneke. Wood also namechecked J.G. Ballard's Empire of the Sun as another favorite — although whether it counts as post-apocalyptic might still be up for debate.

3. What would you like to achieve in your career that you haven't already?

Into the Forest

As two actresses both aged under 30, Page and Wood have accomplished more than some artists do in a lifetime. So what else do they hope to achieve? It sounds like Wood is already steering herself down another artistic avenue.

Starring in the fantasy musical Across the Universe back in 2007, Wood is keen to continue indulging in her other great passion: making music. Indeed, not only does she sings with the band Rebel and a Basketcase, she also serves as their bass guitarist, synth player and theremin performer.

4. Which actor or actress would you like to work with in the future?

Into the Forest

Having acted with some of the biggest names in the biz, Page answered in a broader sense, unable to name specifics because her list is so extensive:

"There's so many! I feel like there's so many people I love that I would go on and on."

On the other hand, Wood was quick to name one of her favorite actresses, even noting a recent fangirl moment with another:
"Susan Sarandon. I adore her. I met Jamie Lee Curtis yesterday and I geeked out. All composure went out the window. I hugged her, I almost broke her phone, I think I accidentally groped her. I was just a mess. I love her."

5. Have auditions gotten easier for you, or are they still just as difficult as when you first started acting?

Into the Forest

One of the most daunting tasks for any aspiring actor is the dreaded audition. And Page made it pretty clear that it never gets any easier:

"I'd say I get even more nervous now. ... I feel like now I definitely second-guess myself more. I find myself getting more nervous about things. I don't fully understand it."

Wood went on to suggest that maybe the pressures they face as already established actresses makes things a little more tense. She also gave a piece of advice for young hopefuls out there:

"Maybe it's the expectation. I remember the first job I did after 'Thirteen' came out and everyone was kind of like 'Oh my god!' I was so nervous. You would think that you would be less nervous when everyone is praising you for what you did, but it's the expectation I think that makes me break. But also, no one is good at auditions. They're crazy! ... Just go to a happy place. Go to your zen place. Learn how to sit in uncomfortable situations and learn how to look people in the eye even if you're uncomfortable, not breaking. I always found that was really powerful."

Be sure to check out their new movie Into the Forest, out on DirectTV starting today, and in theaters on July 22.

Source: moviepilot.com