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“The East” Calls to Anarchism and Love

by Chris Hill, published on June 27, 2013

The East

Most of us actually do not think globally about environmental problems — pelicans stuck in oil stains over the ocean, small town’ water supplies and lands being poisoned by giant industrial corporations – the sad truth is that we do not think about this until we face the problem on our own. However, there are people who care and attempt to fight back though their methods are sometimes radical and earn for them labels as “eco-terrorists”. The idea of the movie “The East” is about eco-terror’s radical philosophy – its pros and cons, about people who dedicate their lives to solve environmental problems being outnumbered by big badass corporations.

The main character of “The East” Sarah (played Brit Marling, who co-wrote the script with the director Zal Batmanglij) is a private executor for covering the crimes of D.C. enterprises that specializes in hunting down the radical elements including eco-extremists. She’s a devoted Christian who yet has no doubts about lying to her fiancé (Jason Ritter) about her job. The episodes of her punk transformation and consecutive embedding for fitting the other members of the radical group “The East” are fantastic. And what gorgeous radicals she meets – led by the closemouthed, Jesus-bearded Benji (Alexander Skarsgard) half-hippies, half-anarchists they float naked in ponds and romp trundle the jug by candlelight —until decide to make an assault on one of the big bosses and punish him for committing the crime. The dreamers-vs- bad-asses battle is the center of the plot but the movie isn’t that simple as it may seem at first.

Despite some flaws and idealistic poorly drawn characters, “The East” is however an irresistible movie that grips your attention from the first minute to the last one.

Source: cinemaassassin.com