Ellen Page Online - Press archive - E3 2012: Ellen Page lands new starring role ... in video game Beyond: Two Souls
E3 2012: Ellen Page lands new starring role ... in video game Beyond: Two Souls

The ‘Juno’ actress will play a troubled girl with psychic powers in PlayStation 3 thriller
by Ebenezer Samuel, published on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 10:56 AM

Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls will follow a woman, played by Ellen Page, over a 15-year span.

LOS ANGELES — She has starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and played an X-Man and a pregnant teen.

But now Ellen Page is venturing into new territory. The Academy Award-nominated “Juno” actress will star in a video game, playing the main character in Beyond: Two Souls, from developer Quantic Dream, to be available exclusively on the Sony PlayStation 3.

The move was announced on Monday night as part of Sony's PlayStation E3 media briefing.

Page will play Jody Holmes, a woman with a unique connection and understanding of the afterlife, in a game that promises to be a dark cinematic thriller. It chronicles Holmes' life over a 15-year span.

The game will make full use of Page's acting talents. Earlier this year, Quantic Dream, which also developed the cinematic video game thriller Heavy Rain from 2010, released an acclaimed tech demo called Kara. The demo drew raves because of its ability to allow a computer-generated character to display such a wide range of emotion that it almost appeared self-aware.

In a brief clip, a young, obviously troubled Holmes is sitting in a police station, her head shaved. She is being interrogated by a kindly police officer. When the officer notices a scar on her head, she seems to psychically toss a mug of coffee against a wall, scaring the officer out of the room.

It's a scene filled with tension and emotion. Moments later, S.W.A.T. arrives, presumably to capture the girl.

Sony released few other details about Beyond: Two Souls, although it reportedly will have functionality with Sony's motion-controlled gadget, the PlayStation Move. Even gameplay remains shrouded in mystery; media only viewed a video, not a gameplay portion.

No release date has been set for Beyond: Two Souls, which was one of a handful of flagship titles showed off by Sony. The company also revealed a new single-player portion of the upcoming God of War Ascension game, as well as a gameplay portion of Naughty Dog's new title, Last of Us.

Source: www.nydailynews.com