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Alison Lohman To Replace Ellen Page In Drag Me To Hell

by Rodneyon, published on March 4, 2008

Alison LohmanEllen Page is out of Drag Me To Hell! Due to a scheduling conflict the job has been handed over to Alison Lohman – we get the scoop from the cursed caves of yahoo:

The “Juno” Oscar nominee dropped out last week, facing a scheduling conflict after “Hell” was delayed because of a protracted preproduction period. It bumped against two other projects on Page’s dance card: the roller-derby comedy “Whip It!” and the thriller “Peacock.”

Producers were looking for another babyfaced star and found one in 28-year-old Lohman, best known for portraying a younger-than-her-years character in “White Oleander.” She recently voiced a role in “Beowulf,” and played a recovering addict in “Things We Lost in the Fire.”

This is a sweet score for Lohman, you get to scam Page’s oscar nominated seat on the bus because she had other commitments. Staring in a film where Sam Raimi is directing and the title is Drag Me To Hell means you are winning at the game of life. This film sounds like Raimi’s return to a more focused bare bones approach and his fans will welcome this with open arms.

The script is written by Ivan and Sam Raimi and is about an unsuspecting individual that becomes the target of a curse. This film sounds like it is going to be chock full of the devil and I think Raimi is a man that can do the goat lord justice.

Source: themovieblog.com