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2011 MTV Movie Awards - Completely Flopped!

by Nancy Lu, published on Monday, June 6, 2011 - 03:52

There are many many words to explain what the MTV Movie Awards was like tonight, but to save you guys time, one word -- MESSY.

This year was definitely the worst out of all, host Jason Sedeikis did great, but the entire program was just all over the place. First off, the stage looked like a garbage dump/something from Planet of the Apes. I guess they were trying to go for that jungle look but it was just sloppy.

Another thing, might as well call this the Twilight Movie Awards, since they seem to be the only people that ever show up to the ceremony every year and sweep, undeservingly.

That’s not the bad news ladies and gents, there’s 2 more years of the same show since Breaking Dawn is split into 2 parts. In addition, there were several bad attempts of some very bad jokes that nobody in the audience understood. Lesson 1, don’t do dry humor if you don’t have a deadpan sense of humour. Nobody’s forcing you to be funny. Even more so, the speeches were just filled with uncomfortable awkwardness once again.

However, it was lovely to see Emma Watson! The best dressed and best actress of the night didn’t get her win for Best Female Performance unfortunately, but when awkward Kristen Stewart mumbled her way through, we all got a shot of Emma’s “WTF I don’t care” face, which was just priceless to see! Bravo, Emma.

Another thing I would like to add, they skipped 2 awards for Badass Star and Breakthrough Star... poor Andrew Garfield.

Moreover, don’t even get me started on all the Inception loses. Nobody can even begin to explain. Nominated for 7 awards, Inception took home 1 for Best Scared-As-Shit Performance by Ellen Page in which I’m sure she was so glad to stay home for since they only managed to acknowledge her win for about 3 seconds during commercial breaks. And how could Tom Hardy lose to that “getting chocolate wasted” girl? and I’m sure Inception, Black Swan or Harry Potter would have done a better job with the Best Kiss win. Even more shocking, Joseph Gordon-Levitt loses the Best Fight award -- like I said, words can’t explain.

As for Best Movie, not only Inception, but The Social Network, Black Swan and Harry Potter all lost to the worst. Is showing up really the vote to winning? Well, you guys enjoy your popcorn, we’ll see you at the Osca-- oh wait, no we won’t!

Source: www.starsentertainment.com