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Last Chance to Help Bees and Get Ellen Page's Autograph as Thanks

by Sami Grover, published on May 6, 2011

The Vanishing of the Bees documentary created a huge buzz over the plight of the honeybees, not least because it had the help of actress Ellen Page as narrator and spokesperson for our pollinator friends. But the makers of the movie are trying to take its impact to the next level, and they need your help today. They are raising $15,000 to create a classroom length version of the movie, complete with educational materials. At time of writing they are $739 short of their goal. The appeal ends Sunday. And if they don't reach their target, they get nothing. Check out this video to learn more about why this matters, and what you can get if you help them out. (They're offering some pretty cool thank you gifts...)


From beeswax candles to autographed copies of the DVD ($25 gets you a DVD autographed by the directors, $250 and it'll be autographed by Ellen Page), the makers are offering some pretty cool gifts. But given the ongoing menace of Colony Collapse Disorder and the epic fight to save the bees, the biggest gift on offer is probably knowing you are doing your part to help these vital pollinators survive.

Head on over to the Vanishing of the Bees Kick Starter page to pledge your gift.

Source: www.treehugger.com