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Ellen Page Joins Woody Allen’s Latest

by Kyle Buchanan, published on April 13, 2011 - 4:00 PM

In most Woody Allen films that he doesn't star in himself, there's usually an actor playing a version of Woody, complete with the same familiar mannerisms. You might have thought that Allen's next project, which has already cast Alec Baldwin, Penélope Cruz, and Jesse Eisenberg, would give the famously neurotic Eisenberg that privilege ... and yet, here comes Ellen Page, who's just as good at delivering tricky, slightly whiny dialogue! Honestly, either of them could take the Woody crown, so we're anxious to see how this develops. And yes, this is the Woody Allen project set in Rome, and there are still no Italians cast, but that's okay — we're beginning to think that Allen's recent projects abroad are like seasons of The Real World, and the cast matters more than whatever you see when they go outside.

Source: nymag.com