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Gettin' by: an interview with Slim Twig

by Ben Dugas, published on Tuesday, December 23, 2008 5:49 PM

It’s the second Sunday in December and I’m meeting Max (A.K.A Slim Twig) at Rosedale Station for an interview. Max is an actor who’s a little out on his luck. He’s had one big role but since then he’s spent a lot of time waiting for the phone the ring. We met at a cocktail party last spring and for the past month or two we’ve been exchanging e-mails with the aim of arranging an interview. He had told me that he’d love the press and I was happy to make his wish come true.

When I get there he’s already waiting. He wears a stylish green coat and what I can only describe as “race car” headphones. I was going to bring him a snack but I had been running a bit late so I just grabbed a tangerine. When I give it to him he seems confused yet appreciative. We brave the cold, wet air and head out into a nearby park where we find an old stone staircase by which to conduct the interview.

[Note: due to a technical error on my part I failed to record the first quarter of the interview on my camera. Afterwards I filled in the answers in that portion for which I could remember Max’s answers and I e-mailed him the rest. Max was in San Francisco for some reason at this time and said that he was too busy to re-answer my questions but that his friend Tom Henry, the aspiring ghostwriter of Tom Henry: the blog, would ghostwrite the lost responses. So the first handful of questions in the following are actually ghostwritten responses from Tom which are based on my memory of the real answers from Max.]

Me: So I hear you were in Bruce MacDonald’s The Tracey Fragments.
Slim Twig (via Tom): Yeah, I was.

And when was that shot?
Well that was from back when I was still in high school so, 2006 I think.

You know what's really great about that movie is that it launched Ellen Page's career. Isn't she great?
I feel that I've taught her enough to safely say yes to that question.

Do you guys keep in touch?
I stare at her apartment periodically.

You know after that she went on to do Juno and now she's a really big star. It's too bad things haven't worked out quite as well for you don't you think?
I guess, if you call not winning an Oscar being a big star.

Is it true you auditioned for Michael Cera's role in Juno?
No, but I would like to point out that my character in The Tracey Fragments has a bit of a fling with Tracey (Ellen Page) in his car and then all of the sudden, in her next movie, she's, you know, “in the family way”.

Oh, right.
Yeah so I don't want to make any assumptions but I'm just putting that out there for you.

Yeah, I see. You know I've heard that Michael Cera's from around here. Are you afraid that the two of you might run into each other and that there might be fisticuffs?
I'm sure he could muster an adorable enough stutter to diffuse the situation.


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