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Page Writes New HBO Series

Ellen Page will write and produce new HBO comedy series
by Danielle Hazell, published on October 9, 2009

“Juno” and “Whip It” star Ellen Page will write and produce a new HBO comedy series. The Oscar-nominated star’s new show is called “Stitch N’ Bitch”.

Alongside her in the background will be Alia Shawkwat and Sean Tillmann.

Shawkat played in the sitcom “Arrested Development” as Maeby Funke. Minnesota bred musician Tillmann is also known as Har Mar Superstar.

It has not been confirmed whether or not the trio will star in the show. No roles have been casted for the program.

The single camera comedy is about two young women who are artistically inclined from Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood to L.A’s Silver Lake.

“Stitch N’ Bitch” is originally a series of knitting how-to books by Debbie Stoller. Stoller is also the editor-in-chief and publisher of Bust magazine.

Page recently starred in Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut “Whip It”. The 22 year-old actress’ 2007 performance in “Juno” laded her Oscar nomination.

Currently Page is filming “Interception” with Leonardo DiCaprio

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