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Ellen Page's Ghost Cat Comes Back to Haunt Her

by Foywonder, published on Sunday, August 30, 2009 - 8:19pm

Ellen Page was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar in 2008 for her title role in Juno. Back in 2003, Ellen Page was starred in a Canadian made-for-TV movie called Ghost Cat that aired in the US on Animal Planet. That film would have long since been forgotten about if Page hadn't gone on to be somebody. Now her past is coming back to haunt her with a DVD release of her family-friendly supernatural feline flick.

Ellen Page stars as a 14-year old moving into a new house with her widower dad. The house is owned by old Mrs. Ashboro, a retired librarian, who lives with them until she dies of stroke. The following day her cat, Margaret, dies of a broken heart. Supernatural strangeness begins to occur and all paws point in the direction of the ghost of Margaret. The cat's spirit appears to have returned to help the teenage girl protect herself and her father from a scheming Savings & Loan swindler desperate for the old ladies' hidden $50,000.

That certainly sounds like a thrill a minute. And it's not a comedy either. Ghost Cat (originally titled Mrs. Ashboro's Cat) reportedly takes itself very seriously.

North American Pictures have dug up this dead cat from the cinematic pet cemetary for all of Page's newfound fans to enjoy. Look for Ghost Cat on DVD September 22nd.

Source: www.dreadcentral.com