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Headline Date
Woody Allen’s New Movie Has Working Title: Bop Decameron 05/12/2011
Woody Allen's Bop Decameron Adds Roberto Benigni 05/11/2011
Woody Allen’s Rome-Set Pic Has Working Title Of ‘Bop Decameron,’ Based On Boccaccio’s Novellas 05/11/2011
Begnini to join Woody's Rome project 05/10/2011
Woody Allen In: A Woody Allen Picture, Directed By Woody Allen 05/09/2011
Woody Allen adds himself to the cast of his next picture 05/09/2011
Woody Allen Casts Woody Allen 05/09/2011
Roberto Benigni Confirmed For Woody Allen’s Next 05/06/2011
Roberto Benigni To Join Woody Allen’s Latest Film? 05/06/2011
Roberto Benigni signs up for next Woody Allen project 05/06/2011
Woody Allen and Roberto Benigni in Allen’s Next Movie 05/06/2011
Woody Allen casts 'the greatest' actor in new film 05/06/2011
Woody Allen to Co-Star in His Next Film alongside Roberto Benigni 05/06/2011
Gothamite goes Road Warrior 05/06/2011
Roberto Benigni to have a role in Woody Allen’s WRONG PICTURE? 05/05/2011
Woody Allen Acquires The Talents Of The Understated Roberto Benigni 05/05/2011
Roberto Benigni Rumored to Be Part of Woody Allen’s Next Film 05/05/2011
Roberto Benigni Possibly Joining Woody Allen’s ‘The Wrong Picture’ 05/05/2011
Roberto Benigni May Join Woody Allen's Rome Movie 05/05/2011
Roberto Benigni Ready To Join Woody Allen’s Roman Ensemble? 05/05/2011
Roberto Benigni To Make Big Screen Comeback In Woody Allen’s ‘The Wrong Picture’? 05/05/2011
Roberto Benigni Resurfacing For Woody Allen's Italy-Based Film? 05/05/2011
Woody Allen's 'Rome'-Com Gets "The Wrong Picture" 04/21/2011
Woody Allen’s Rome-Set Film Now Titled ‘The Wrong Picture’ 04/19/2011
Woody Allen Titles Rome-Set Film ‘The Wrong Picture’ 04/19/2011
Woody Allen’s Rome project now titled THE WRONG PICTURE 04/19/2011
Title: Woody Allen’s Next Called ‘The Wrong Picture’? 04/19/2011
Woody's film now has a title, The Wrong Picture, and he's in it too 04/18/2011
Woody Allen to play bit part in his Rome-based film 04/18/2011
Ellen Page & Jesse Eisenberg In Woody Allen’s Latest 04/16/2011
Woody Allen Reveals Cast For New Film 04/16/2011
Woody Allen’s New Film Gets Super Addition: Ellen Page 04/14/2011
Ellen Page Joins Jesse Eisenberg for Woody Allen’s Next Film 04/14/2011
Ellen Page joins Woody Allen's Rome movie 04/14/2011
Woody Allen lines up cast for new film 04/14/2011
Alec Baldwin, Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page cast in next Woody Allen film 04/14/2011
Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page confirmed for Woody Allen comedy 04/14/2011
Jesse Eisenberg and Ellen Page to Get Neurotic for Woody Allen 04/14/2011
Ellen Page added to Woody Allen Rome ensemble 04/14/2011
Ellen Page joins Jesse Eisenberg for Woody Allen's Rome shot film 04/14/2011
Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page to Join Alec Baldwin and Penelope Cruz for Woody Allen Next Film 04/14/2011
Ellen Page joins Woody Allen's Rome movie 04/14/2011
Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg to Make Up Woody Allen Dream Team 04/14/2011
Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg set for Woody Allen's next 04/14/2011
Ellen Page to join new Woody Allen movie 04/14/2011
Ellen Page joins Woody Allen's Rome movie 04/14/2011
Ellen Page Off To Rome For Woody Allen 04/14/2011
Ellen Page Cast, Jesse Eisenberg Confirmed for Woody Allen’s Rome Film 04/14/2011
Casting Bits: Ellen Page and Jessie Eisenberg in Woody Allen’s Next 04/14/2011
Woody Allen Enlists Big Name Cast for Next Project 04/14/2011
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