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Headline Date
HeyUGuys Review - Whip It 04/01/2010
Empire Mag UK Review - Whip It 03/30/2010
Drew Barrymore: Don't mention the c-word 03/27/2010
Tough chicks in need of purpose 03/24/2010
Whip It Up and Start Again: Some Pics to Enjoy 03/20/2010
Total Film Review - Whip It 03/19/2010
Film And Moviemaking Review - Whip It 03/17/2010
Filmstalker Review - Whip It 03/13/2010
The Films of 2009: A Year in Review 03/06/2010
Viewers blind sided by one of the best years for sports films in cinematic history 03/06/2010
WTAM 1100 DVD Review - Whip It 03/04/2010
Birds Eye View Film Festival 2010 03/03/2010
Glasgow Film Festival Review - Whip It 02/27/2010
Collider Whip It Blu-ray Review 02/25/2010
Gather Movie Review - Whip It 02/24/2010
The A.V. Club Interview - Alia Shawkat 02/24/2010
Music in Movies on Mondays: The Go Team in Whip It! 02/22/2010
BuzzFocus Blu-ray Review: Whip It 02/22/2010
New International Poster & Images for Drew Barrymore’s Whip It 02/18/2010
Slackerwood DVD Review: Whip It 02/15/2010
ParentTrend Review - Whip It 02/15/2010
Urban Cinefile Review - Whip It 02/14/2010
Movie Room Reviews - Whip It (Blu-ray) 02/13/2010
Are You Screening - Whip It DVD Review 02/12/2010
Reel Loop Blu-ray review: Drew Barrymore’s ‘Whip It’ 02/12/2010
TeenHollywood Review: Drew’s “Whip It” on Blu-Ray 02/12/2010
Just Press Play Review - Whip It 02/11/2010
Whip It – UK Trailer and Poster 02/11/2010
Great Film, Shame About The Poster 02/10/2010
Fanbolt Review - Whip It 02/10/2010
eFilmCritic - Blu-ray Review - Whip It 02/09/2010
Why 'Conventional Romance' Isn't for Drew Barrymore 02/08/2010
Whip It: Confused Anachronism or Fervent Nostalgia? 02/07/2010
The Scorecard Review - Whip It (Blu-ray) 02/06/2010
UltimateDisney Whip It Blu-ray Review 02/05/2010
Blu-rayDefinition - Whip It Blu-ray Review 02/05/2010
Barrymore brings out best in actors in 'Whip It' 02/05/2010
Flix66 Movie Review - Whip It (Blu-ray) 02/04/2010
The Numbers News - DVD Review: Whip It 02/04/2010
GreenCine Daily - DVDV of the week - Whip It 02/03/2010
Drew Barrymore on Whip It and Her Golden Globe 02/03/2010
Drew's delightful directing debut 02/03/2010
Drew Barrymore Talks Girl Power 02/03/2010
ComicMix Review: 'Whip It' on Blu-ray 02/02/2010
Hollywood Chicago Blu-Ray Review: Girl Power Drives Entertaining ‘Whip It’ 02/02/2010
Whip It! A Gratifying Underdog Sports Film (For a Change) 02/01/2010
CD Insight Review - Whip It 01/31/2010
Into the Blu - Whip It - Blu-ray Review 01/30/2010
DVD Talk - Whip It - Blu-ray Review 01/30/2010
Page plays convincing lead in fun, funny roller derby film 01/30/2010
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