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Headline Date
Into the Forest Offers Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood Roles Worthy of Their Talents 08/02/2016
The Movie Sleuth Review - Into the Forest 08/01/2016
CutPrintFilm Review - Into the Forest 07/31/2016
Victoria Advocate Review - Into the Forest 07/30/2016
Interview - Evan Rachel Wood and Ellen Page on ‘Into the Forest’ 07/29/2016
Filmmaker Patricia Rozema had a tough time getting 'Into the Forest' made 07/29/2016
Patricia Rozema heads 'Into the Forest' for realistic apocalypse 07/29/2016
Press Play Review - Into the Forest 07/29/2016
‘Into the Forest’ brings some realness to the world of dystopian movies 07/29/2016
Best Reviewed Movie This Week: Ellen Page Apocalyptic Thriller ‘Into the Forest’ 07/29/2016
EDGE Media Network Review - Into the Forest 07/29/2016
The New York Times Review: ‘Into the Forest’: Be Very, Very Quiet. The World’s Ending. 07/28/2016
Into The Forest: Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood Survive a Quiet Apocalypse 07/28/2016
The Stake Review - Into the Forest exposes emotion, not awe, at the world’s end 07/28/2016
Entertainment Weekly Review - Into the Forest 07/28/2016
Blu-ray.com Review - Into the Forest 07/28/2016
Ellen Page & Evan Rachel Wood on Surviving the Apocalypse in ‘Into the Forest’ 07/28/2016
The A.V. Club Review - Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood go Into The (pointlessly futuristic) Forest 07/28/2016
ScreenAnarchy Review - Into the Forest Focuses on Individuals to Superb Effect 07/28/2016
Columbus Alive Review - ‘Into the Forest’ finds ground in the post-apocalyptic genre 07/28/2016
Brooklyn Magazine Review - Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: Into the Forest 07/28/2016
Evan Rachel Wood Opens Up About Motherhood, Friendship With 'Into the Forest' Co-Star Ellen Page 07/27/2016
Out director Patricia Rozema on her ‘radical’ new film with Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood 07/27/2016
Out filmmaker Patricia Rozema on “Into the Forest” and upcoming lesbian project 07/27/2016
‘Into the Forest’: Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood Make a Home in the Dark 07/27/2016
Patricia Rosema's Masterful Into the Forest Follows Life After the Power Goes Out 07/26/2016
Consequence of Sound Review - Into the Forest 07/26/2016
Is Patricia Rozema on Her Way to Becoming an Auteur? 07/26/2016
Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood take on the apocalypse with "Into the Forest" 07/26/2016
Interview: Director Patricia Rozema Goes Into the Forest With Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood 07/25/2016
Film Journal International Review - Into the Forest 07/25/2016
Slant Magazine Review - Into the Forest 07/25/2016
Combustible Celluloid Review - Into the Forest 07/22/2016
'Into The Forest’ Imagines An Apocalypse Of Memory, Technology 07/22/2016
'Into The Forest' Isn't A True Story But The New Sci-Fi Movie Depicts A Terrifying Future 07/21/2016
Evan Rachel Wood on Into the Forest and Revolutionary Roles for Women 07/21/2016
'Into the Forest' Cast Reveals Who Would Be Their Apocalypse Partner In Crime 07/21/2016
Into the Forest’s Patricia Rozema on creating character-driven drama 07/21/2016
Into the Forest: Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood on film’s female empowerment 07/21/2016
Evan Rachel Wood Tells R29 About Her Love For Ellen Page 07/21/2016
PinkyLux School for Girls Review - Into the Forest 07/17/2016
Film Comment Review - Into the Forest 07/05/2016
Rama's Screen Review - Into the Forest 07/02/2016
Evan Rachel Wood Wants You To Recognize The Severity Of Rape 06/30/2016
Evan Rachel Wood on sisterhood with Ellen Page “Into the Forest” 06/24/2016
AT&T Delivers “Into The Forest” Starring Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood 06/23/2016
Evan Rachel Wood on ‘Into the Forest’: ‘This Is a Film About Women, Not ‘Strong’ Women’ 06/23/2016
'Into The Forest': 5 Things We Learned About Ellen Page And Evan Rachel Wood 06/23/2016
St. Albert Gazette - Into the Forest Review - A rare treat 06/15/2016
Ellen Page drawn Into the Forest 06/10/2016
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