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» Hot Indie News Review - X-Men: The Last Stand

Good Movie But Definitely The Worst Of The Trilogy
by Chris, published on May 23, 2006

I saw this movie yesterday, and although I thought it was a good movie, I am sad to say that it is without doubt the worse of the trilogy.

The problem with X-Men: The Last Stand is not that it's bad, because it's not. The problem is that both X-Men and X2 were so good, it had a lot to live up to; and, considering it had a new director and new scriptwriters, it would be extremely hard for it to be better than its predeceases.

I found that the problems with the movie could be resumed like this: -It features too many all new mutants, and, although this is a good thing, it becomes a weakness.

If you have 20 characters on an hour and a half movie (yes, it's that short), obviously there won't be enough time to develop all of them the way you would want, and here comes the weakness.

Although new (I say new referring to the movies, not to the comic books) characters like Callisto and Beast receive the time they deserve, some other new characters are barely seen throughout the movie. For example: Angel, Juggernaut, Multiple Man and Arclight.

Angel is an extremely secondary character, and I honestly thought he'll be one of the main ones, him being on the poster and stuff. Juggernaut is also secondary, but this is forgivable, since bad guys on the prequels were also secondary and almost non-speaking mutants. (Deathstrike, Sabretooth...) Multiple man and Arclight are cool villains, but like I said, they barely appear on the movie.

-Another weakness on the movie, (this being the most important) is the scriptwriter's decision to edit out characters that were famous on the previous movies.

This really made me mad, because I really liked characters like Mystique and Cyclops, and they barely appeared in the movie. The reason for this may have been that they wanted to give more screen time to Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman, that are now famous Hollywood stars.

Another reason for Cyclops not appearing that much may be that the actor, James Mardsen, was also working on Superman Returns, and his schedule was maybe a little tight.

- Another important weakness for the movie is the music. In my opinion, music is a huge part of making what's unbelievable, believable (by saying unbelievable we're talking about a man picking up the Golden Gate Bridge, or stuff like that). The musician for the movie should definitely feel sorry for his work.

Although I've spent a lot of time writing about what didn't work in the movie, there are some things that worked really great. The main characters such as Wolverine, Storm, Magneto, Pyro, Iceman, Phoenix, Beast and Shadowcat are fantastic. The scene of Magneto picking up the Golden Gate Bridge is simply spectacular. The climatic sequence is well achieved, as are most of the action sequences.

Although you can't compare this with the prequels, this is a good superhero movie, and you shouldn't miss it. I rank it 7 out of 10 stars.

Source: www.hotindienews.com

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