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» Press Play Review - Into the Forest

by Andres Marmol, published on July 29, 2016

Into the Forest

How long could you survive if all electricity suddenly stopped working? People become desperate and start looting, raping and even killing to survive. Food grows scarcer everyday and you have to forage what you have to stay alive. That is the exact premise of ‘Into The Forest’. The film follows two young girls who have to learn to survive when the electricity stops working throughout the country. They must learn to hunt, grow and defend themselves from all elements in the wild without ever knowing when or if things would return to normal.

‘Into The Forest’ is a bold attempt to share a unique story of survival in a very realistic situation. The film does an incredible job of providing a slow, yet interesting story about two young girls with little to no experience living in the woods. What makes this film so interesting and at the same time terrifying is the realistic possibility that this could happen one day. Not only do you have to worry about the lights being off and nothing working, but when people get desperate bad things usually start to happen. ‘Into The Forest’ paints a very vivid and horrifying experience in its 1 hour and 40 minute run time. Although intense at most times, it shows a will to survive and shares a strong message about overcoming odds and adversity. The movie does crawl throughout the entire run time, but is much needed to build up the intensity and sense of frailness that comes with the scenario. The director does a brilliant job of creating this looming sense of misfortune that is going to come crashing down on this family at any moment. The story develops well and involves scenarios that are quite crude at times, but help bring the situations into perspective. It truly is a terrifying thought that in a blink of an eye, everything you’ve grown accustom to and everything that has been made convenient can just disappear. How many people do you know that you think could actually survive when nature turns back the clock? No more luxuries. Only you and the wild, worrying everyday if you are going to be attacked or raped or even killed.

Ellen Page gives a tremendous performance as the younger sister. She truly embodies her character in all senses, all the while driving powerful emotions through countless scenarios. Evan Rachel Wood plays the older sister and really plays well off of Page. The two give us a great onscreen chemistry that provides the intensity needed for this type of film, considering the circumstances they are placed in.

All in all, I give ‘Into The Forest’ a 6.5 out of 10. Great film, but not going to be for everyone. The slow pace may weed out the weaker souls, but if you hang in there the story unfolds brilliantly. I definitely recommend it. A very good watch.

Source: pressplayreviews.com

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