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» Ellen Page to Star in ‘Queen and Country’

by Alexandra Cheney, published on October 9, 2013 - 5:50 PM

Ellen Page in Beyond: Two SoulsEllen Page confirmed to the Journal that she will play British Special Operations Section operative Tara Chace in 20th Century Fox’s “Queen & Country,” a film adaptation of Greg Rucka‘s Eisner Award winning comics.

“Queen & Country” will place the 26-year-old actress in what could become a trilogy of espionage films. Page is familiar with stunt-driven dramas–she co-starred in “Inception” and is reprising her role as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” due out in May 2014.

“I’m going to be an awesome spy,” Page said. “People won’t expect it because I’m this tiny girl and them BAM!, watch out.” The actress added that even though the project has to secure a director, she’s already working out, “trying to get fit.”

Twentieth Century Fox is part of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. and until recently was part of the same company as The Wall Street Journal.

The studio did not respond to requests for comment.

Page has also taken on the role of Jodie Holmes opposite Williem Defoe in “BEYOND: Two Souls” a video game from the makers of “Heavy Rain.”

“If you would have told me three years ago that I would be starring in a video game, I would have been like, you’re drunk, get out of here,” the Academy Award nominee said.

Although she called it both the “most fulfilling” and interesting role thus far in her career, Page said she also struggled with the character and the shooting schedule.

“You’re not playing to one camera, you’re surrounded by 70 cameras. Weirdly on a film you’re more limited by the aspect of making it, where you need to stand and where you need to look, with motion capture, it is an immediate environment, like being on stage,” said Page.

The 2,000-page script, of which Page said she shot 30-40 pages a day, “was insane. Just on the superficial level of memorizing that, you’re not shooting one cohesive narrative. You have a scene that could have five variations and there are no sets and there’s no wardrobe. The challenge was so extreme, you have nothing but that’s also what made it so fun,” the actress added.

It also came as quite a surprise to the 5’1” actress when she was asked, eight years after “X-Men: The Last Stand,” to once again play Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat, especially since “X-Men: First Class,” the 2011 film, introduced a new cadre of actors and characters into the universe.

“It’s weird, I didn’t expect to come back, especially when they made ‘First Class,’ which was so good. Just to have that roll around again. Plus she is different; she is more advanced in her abilities. There’s been a certain, oh shoot, I don’t know what I can say, but her mutant ability have grown,” said Page, suggesting a certain event that may have amplified Shadowcat’s abilities.

While she thinks it is highly unlikely, Page said she would “love it” if someone wanted to continue putting her in an X-suit, especially if it comes in the form of a spinoff.

“It doesn’t seem like a niche separate thing anymore, I feel like nerd is the new cool,” said Page.

Source: blogs.wsj.com

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