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» Fast Film Judge Review: Touchy Feely (2013)

published on August 4, 2013

Touchy Feely- I realized recently that lots of films are being released on VOD and iTunes before being available in theatres. I definitely think this will happen more and more in the future, with the only issue being that it’s easier for people to pirate when the film is already on a computer. In the past couple months I’ve seen ONLY GOD FORGIVES, DRINKING BUDDIES, THE LIFEGUARD, and now TOUCHY FEELY on demand. All of these films have some pretty big stars in them, so it’s interesting to see them being released like this.

- TOUCHY FEELY is the second film I’ve seen by director Lynn Shelton. The first was YOUR SISTER’S SISTER, which I enjoyed.

- TOUCHY FEELY looks at how different characters react to the human touch, with one main character being a massage therapist, and the other a dentist.

- The strongest part of the film is the different characters and the performances from all the actors.

  • Rosemarie DeWitt plays Abby, a massage therapist. I enjoyed her in this role a lot.
  • Josh Pais is Paul, a dentist. He’s the sister of Abby and my favourite character in the film. His character is really well written and brilliantly acted by Josh Pais. He’s very funny, and adds many comical parts to the film. The part when he’s in the massage parlor is amazing.
  • Ellen Page (Jenny), is the daughter of Paul. She’s a dental assistant, working with her father in their small office. Ellen Page acts the same as in every other film I’ve seen her in, but she makes it work.
  • Scoot McNairy plays Abby’s boyfriend. I really liked him in KILLING THEM SOFTLY, and it was nice to see him in a different type of role.
  • Some other side characters who are all great: Allison Janney, Tomo Nakayama, and Ron Livingston, who looks exactly like Mark Duplass, just more messed up.
Touchy FeelyI’ve only seen two of Lynn Shelton’s films, and although neither of them are outstanding, they’re both pretty good. The strength of the characters and the performances given by the cast makes this film a joy to watch. Josh Pais is fantastic, adding some very funny parts to the film. I just listened to an interview with the cast at Sundance and they mentioned that the crowd went crazy at the part when his character is in the massage parlor, and I definitely think that was the funniest part of the film. The biggest downfall is that it feels like Lynn Shelton brings some interesting and mysterious ideas near the beginning, but in the end they don’t really mean anything. She could’ve gone in many different directions, but decided to keep it as simple as possible, which was fine. The strength of characters and good performances from all, are reasons to give TOUCHY FEELY a chance.


Source: fastfilmjudge.wordpress.com

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