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» She has soft spot for dark roles

You might remember her as Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat from the blockbuster movie X-Men: The Last Stand.
published on July 28, 2006

But while she looks docile and sweet on and off screen, do not underestimate rising actress Ellen Page (right).

The 19-year-old's latest film, the controversial thriller Hard Candy, sees her convincingly playing a mature 14-year-old who meets a charming 30-something man over the Internet whom she suspects is a paedophile. 'I read the script and was extremely excited. I wasn't used to a screenplay being written for a teenager this way. The character had so much intelligence and passion. That really turned me on,' Page told The New Paper over the phone from her home in Halifax, Canada. She said it was not difficult to get into character because 'it was just one of those roles you just dive into'. Hard Candy is not the first dark film that Page has done.

She shaved her head for her role in Mouth To Mouth, which was about an underground cult.'Everybody has a dark side and a light side as well... If you have an honest character, then both sides will come out. So I think that is typically what happens with my roles,' she said.

'I love to disappear in something and completely lose myself. 'It can be crazy because you experience things on films which you don't at your age and it can get unnerving sometimes.

However, Page may not venture into the chick flick genre. She said: 'I definitely have a personal interest I'd like to follow and it is just not the career path I'd like to have. Kudos to everyone else who does her thing, that's great.' Off screen, Page insists her personal life is not as exciting as her roles.


'I'm kind of a boring person actually. I don't really tend to go out, I like to read and I'm not really a partying and clubbing person. 'I prefer to just spend time with my close friends,' the petite 1.52m teenager said.
Of rumours that she is her dating X-Men co-star Ben Foster, who played Warren Worthington aka Angel, she said: 'There is no time right now... Ben is just a very close friend. He is a fantastic human being and I have no idea how the rumour started. I am definitely available.

So would Page do what The Princess Diaries actress Anne Hathaway did in Havoc - strip?
'Yeah... I'm no prude. If it fits and if I think it is honourable and important to the film and situation, then I would. But then again, that's not something I see coming up very soon.

Page said her parents have been supportive of her career choices.
'When my dad read the script for Hard Candy, he was like, 'This is pretty insane'. But when I shot the film and they saw it, they really liked it,' she said.

Source: newpaper.asia1.com.sg

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