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» What You Didn’t Know About Ellen Page

by Bremer Acosta, published on October 5, 2012

Ellen Page is a Canadian actress who has starred in many popular films, such as Inception, Smart People, Juno, and X-Men. She is ranked as the “future star of tomorrow” in Interview Magazine, but is mostly admired for her past roles and endearing personality. She has received Oscar, Golden Globe, OFCS, BAFTA, and Actor nominations for best-actress in Juno. But she has won the Austin Film Critics Award for Hard Candy, the Canadian Comedy Award for Juno, the Breakthrough Actress Award for , along with many more.

Despite all her fame from the past few years, she grew up in a small town in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. On the Craig Ferguson Show, when asked what she likes about Canada, Page jokingly said she loves the hockey and free healthcare.

When Ellen was only four years old, she acted in numerous plays for her school. She even started her movie career at age ten, in the television movie, Pit Pony. Throughout her teenage years, she acted in many other films and on television, such as with the cult show, Trailer Park Boys, and the independent film, Mouth to Mouth.

Her performances developed over the years, but it was her starring role as the young victim turned attacker in the film, Hard Candy, that got her noticed by the director, Brett Ratner. He gave Page a huge role for her first mainstream film, X-Men: The Last Stand. From there, she starred in more big-budget movies, such as Juno and Inception. Her fame seemed to skyrocket, but she still remained quiet, humble and humorous, despite all the flashing cameras and noisy paparazzi.

Ellen Page refers to herself as a feminist and doesn’t want to fulfill stereotypical gender roles on or off screen. She wants to embody the traits of self-reliance and independence in her films, such as with her characters in Juno and Hard Candy. She wants to challenge our assumptions of conventionality, from crossing the borders of what’s expected for all women, and reversing their roles. She criticizes Hollywood for being too male-biased, because many movie scripts with an all female cast are taken apart and thrown away, while many all male scripts are in production.

Ellen Page, in an interview with The Guardian, said that regarding abortion, she is pro-choice, because she wants women to have the independence and freedom to make their own decisions. Page feels women are expected to compete with delusional standards of beauty while buying more products to appeal to others. To her, buying more things to look like magazine models, such as a high-school teenager thinking she must have a six-pack, is destructive consumerism.

When Page isn’t championing for women’s rights, she is doing what she does best, acting. Page is scheduled to star in the upcoming mystery movie, The East, in 2013. When she is not acting, she loves to juggle, eat Sushi, play with her two dogs, listen to Beethoven, and camp. Despite being a quiet and small young woman on the surface, Ellen Page has a lot of passion for all her roles. In the upcoming years, keep an eye out for Page to really embody newer groundbreaking characters that defy our conventional standards and give us something to think about. As Page said after making the movie Marion Bridge, acting is what she wants to do for the rest of her life.

Source: limerencemag.com

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