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» Lynn Shelton Talks Your Sister’s Sister, Touchy Feely

by bsimon, published on July 10, 2012


ShockYa: What more can you tell us about “Touchy Feely”?

Lynn Shelton: It’s a real departure. The three films I made prior to “Touchy Feely” all involved three characters and one location, basically taking place over the course of one long weekend — which I love and can’t wait to get back to. But I wanted to break out and see if I could expand my horizons a little bit. So it’s an ensemble cast, the core of which are two characters which I wrote for specific actors — Rosemarie DeWitt and her brother, who’s played by Josh Pais. He’s a dentist and she’s a massage therapist who loses her ability to deal with the human body. She develops this sudden revulsion around skin and bodies and touching, and so she develops an identity crisis and sort of goes through a long, dark journey of the soul, and he goes through his own interesting journey of self-discovery in a different direction. They have a tug-of-war over his daughter, her niece, played by Ellen Page, who’s in a very co-dependent relationship with her father and feels like she has to take care of him. She’s trying to figure out how to get out of that. And then Scoot McNairy is a real up-and-comer who plays Rose’s boyfriend, and that family unit also has Allison Janney, who plays Rose’s mentor/friend, and Ron Livingston, Rose’s (real-life) husband, is also in it in a sort of mysterious supporting role. It feels really different than the last couple movies I’ve been making. I wanted to go back to my first impulses as a filmmaker. My first feature had a lot of subjective filmmaking and some mystery and cinematic poetry in it, in a way. It’s fun to have parallel storylines to go back and forth between. It’s a new beast.

ShockYa: You mentioned that it’s different in its construction and these respects. Has that been born out or proven to be quite a different experience in the editing room yet?

Lynn Shelton: Yeah. These movies, there’s longer scenes where more takes place, and so “Touchy Feely” is more of a classic movie in that there’s just a lot more scenes. And so trying to figure out the order and cutting – the overall structure is much more like a jigsaw puzzle. It feels very different, and I think there will be a lot more music and sound design.


Lynn Shelton

Source: www.shockya.com

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