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» Ellen Page plays herself in video game 'Beyond: Two Souls'

Actress Ellen Page is set to appear in another mindbender.
by Mike Snider, published on July 15, 2012 - 9:15 PM

Not playing around: Ellen Page provided her likeness and voice for Beyond: Two SoulsIn Christopher Nolan's 2010 sci-fi thriller Inception, she was part of a Leonardo DiCaprio-led ensemble. Page stars in her upcoming project, the suspense-action vehicle Beyond: Two Souls— a highly anticipated video game.

Protagonist Jodie Holmes looks, sounds and moves like Page, because the Oscar nominee delivered the motion-capture performance. Beyond's supernatural twist: since she was a young girl, Jodie has had a mental connection with an invisible, spiritual entity known as Aiden.

With release planned for next year, details remain sketchy. But based on footage shown at Comic-Con, Jodie and Aiden's relationship somehow leads to a fugitive existence and multiple encounters with law enforcement.

Arresting is not how Page, 25, describes her initial reaction to being offered the role. "I didn't even know how to think about it or wrap my head around it, because I didn't understand what it meant to be in a video game," Page said in a phone interview from Comic-Con, where she and game designer David Cage promoted the project.

But after reading Cage's script, which covers 15 years in Jodie's life, Page says she "was so moved by this young female protagonist, who was strong and complex and interesting, and a story that was profound and subversive and emotional and completely epic in scale."

Cage has that effect with the games created by the team at his Paris-based studio Quantic Dream. Its previous release, the critically acclaimed thriller Heavy Rain (2010), challenged players with the mystery of the Origami Killer.

As in Heavy Rain, players must make decisions with great impact on the game. "David is telling stories by having these games with complex emotions and ethical and moral choices that lead to significant consequences," Page says. "How an audience interacts with that, I think, is really interesting."

Lucky for Cage that she came around, as Page had been a muse for him as he wrote the script. He focused on an image of her with a shaved head from 2005's Mouth to Mouth. "It was probably just my projection of who she was or who she could be. But the character I was writing was someone who would seem vulnerable, but at the same time is really a strong character," he says. "I felt this strange mixture in what I could perceive through her movies."

By the time he had finished writing, Cage couldn't imagine anyone else as Jodie. "We just sent her the script and kept our fingers crossed that she would be interested."

Part of Page's initial hesitance came from not having played games for a decade; she was a fan of the Sega Genesis and the original PlayStation. Now that she's finished her work on the game, Page says she is a believer. "I was so blown away and so moved, truly moved, by what they have created and the world they had created, the scope of the technology and the beauty of the game," Page says.

Source: www.usatoday.com

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