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» E3 2012: Quantic Dream reveals Beyond

Ellen Page to play lead role in the Heavy Rain developer's new adventure.
by Ben Maxwell, published on June 05, 2012 - 1.45 am

Beyond: Two Souls

Quantic Dream CEO David Cage took the first slot in Sony's E3 2012 conference to show brand new project, Beyond: Two Souls.

The game centers around Jodie Holmes, played by Ellen Page (looking only slightly less like Ellen than the girl in Naughty Dogs' The Last Of Us), who has some form of contact with a supernatural world. Beyond follows Jody through 15 years of her life, offering the first opportunity in the history of games, according to Cage, to experience a character in such detail.

"[It will be] unlike anything you have experienced before," said Cage. "Emotional, mature, unique, but also breathtaking, epic and spectacular."

Which, of course, sounds nothing like Heavy Rain's hype.

Beyond: Two SoulsThe demo opened with Jody in a police station being question by an officer, but not answering any of his questions. The officer reveals that he found her by the side of the road in "the middle of nowhere", and spots a scar on her back.

After hurling a cup of coffee at the wall, Jodie simply utters: "I know. They're coming."

A Swat team arrives and surrounds the office, asking the officer to open the door. He does so, and then the demo cut to a montage of explosive events from further on in the game.

"Tell them to leave me the fuck alone," threatens Jodie as she stands over the Swat team leader (main image), "because next time, I'll kill everyone."

Then, curiously: "C'mon Ivan, I think they get the message."

We'll have to wait to find out who Ivan is, and exactly what form gameplay will take, though the footage shown does promise something a little more action packed than Heavy Rain's stream of QTEs.

Source: www.edge-online.com

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