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» Beyond: Two Souls Gameplay Details - ‘Not One Long Cutscene’ Says Cage

Beyond: Two Souls is more than another Heavy Rain QTE-fest, explains Quantic Dreams’ David Cage, as he talks with us about Aiden’s spiritual powers, and how they are used to protect Jodie.
by Dave Cook, published on June 6, 2012

Beyond: Two Souls

Beyond: Two Souls is a full-on action game, rather than a sequence of Heavy Rain-style QTEs, according to Quantic Dream’s David Cage. NowGamer spoke with Cage on the E3 2012 show floor and saw Beyond: Two Souls gameplay in action. We can happily confirm that he’s absolutely right.

Cage gave us an insight into how players will control Aiden, a ghostly spirit who follows Beyond’s hero Jodie, played by Ellen Page. Jodie can harness Aiden’s otherworldly powers to escape the police, who are hunting her down.

Before Cage showed us Beyond: Two Souls in action, he made it quite clear that while the game delivers visuals in the same manner as a cutscene, that “It is not a cutscene. This is our new engine, a different engine than Heavy Rain, which is more powerful.”

“Jodie is a fugitive hunted by all police forces in the country”, Cage explains, “The government knows what she’s capable of. So in this scene she’s about 23 years old, and we start the scene in control of Aiden using the six-axis controller, because we really felt that was the most immersive way to make you feel like you’re a ghost.”

Cage then went on to explain all of Aiden’s control mechanics and abilities.

Beyond: Two Souls

Here’s a whopping list of what Aiden can do:
  • When you’re controlling Aiden, you can pass through matter, meaning small objects, people and even walls.
  • There is a cord between Aiden and Jodie that acts like a tether. Stray too far away from Jodie, and the screen will blur and fade to black. Aiden’s powers will begin to weaken.
  • Animals can sense Aiden’s presence, and this will alert them to Jodie.
  • Aiden can protect Jodie with a blue shield to protect her from lethal falls.
  • You can click both analogues in to create a pulse around Aiden that highlights interactive objects in the world.
  • Highlighted objects present multiple options to Aiden. People highlighted by a red aura can be choked to death, while an orange aura signifies that a person can be possesses.
  • Aiden’s abilities depend on Jodie’s age. As the story plays out across 15 years of Jodie’s life, Aiden’s skill set will grow with her.
  • Jodie’s mental state also has an impact on Aiden’s skills. If Jodie is tired, Aiden’s powers will weaken
  • Living beings cannot be interacted with while playing as Aiden. Instead, protecting Jodie is all about how Aiden manipulates objects within the environment to harm anyone posing a threat to her, similar to Capcom’s Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.
Source: www.nowgamer.com

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