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» Spill - This Just In..."Super"

by Cyrus, published on August 8, 2011 - 4:49pm

SUPER (Blu-Ray and DVD)...Special Guest Review by LEON

After a happy, sunshiny (and damn funny) opening credit sequence that looks like the animated superhero drawings of a kindergarten class, "Super" progresses on to be one of the darkest comedies you'll ever see. When schlubby short order cook Frank D'Arbo (Rainn Wilson) has his way-too-hot-for-him wife (Liv Tyler) stolen away by a local drug dealer (Kevin Bacon) he falls into a deep depression that leads to a psychotic episode. This vision/hallucination/voice of God inspires him to assume the identity of a superhero: The Crimson Bolt! Armed with a pipe wrench, he metes out deadly justice to local criminals (car thieves and people who cut in line are treated with equal vengeance) and searches for his wife. Along the way he connects with Libby (Ellen Page), a hipster-chick comic book enthusiast, who insists upon becoming his super-sidekick. But Libby may very well be much more psychotic than Frank; so much so that it makes Frank question his own sanity After so long of wishing for a realistic superhero movie, I mean ABSOLUTELY realistic, warts and all, finally a film delivered. I really believed that 'Kick-Ass' was gonna be the one. Especially since the Kick-Ass comic book was exactly that, to the point that the violence and darkness was wince-inducing. Alas, the movie started off that way but by the third act it'd devolved into not much more than parody. However, "Super" is every bit the gritty, blacker-than-black comedy movie I was hoping for, all the way to the bloody end. I have nothing but admiration for a movie that's willing to take such a wild concept and commit to it 100% without giving in to the temptation to wink at the audience. At a crucial point of the movie where it would've been easy to write it all off as just silly, Rainn Wilson gives one of the best and most moving performances I've seen all year. Ellen Page was an even bigger surprise, especially in light of how far she was willing to go with her character. Even more of a surprise: this was the first movie in which I found her to be sexy. As it currently stands, "Super" is my #2 favorite movie of 2011! (editor's note: his #1 is "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never" so I wouldn't read too much into that).


Source: my.spill.com

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