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» Anatomy of the Extras - Juno

by Gregory Kirschling, Entertainment Weekly, published on April 18, 2008

Juno, last year's indie breakout starring Ellen Page as a pregnant, slang-spewing teen, is now out on DVD. While the second disc of its two-disc DVD edition contains only a digital copy for downloading onto portable media players (the kids are into that), disc 1 is up the spout with extrasand most of them are the cheese to the movie's macaroni. Below, the highlights.

Commentary With screenwriter (and EW columnist): Diablo Cody laughing along for an affable "journey up Juno way," director Jason Reitman stops to point out every error in the film. Best one: Even though the movie's set in Minnesota, the phone numbers listed in the adoption ads in the PennySaver all feature L.A.'s 310 area code.

Deleted Scenes: There are 11 in total, all of them wisely removed from the film, especially a scene ("Lorings in Bathroom") that puts too hard an extra edge on Jennifer Garner's adoptive mom-to-be. And also the one where we see Jason Bateman's character on the make in a video store.

Screen Tests: The 20 minutes' worth of screen tests all feature Ellen Page, and include sections of the script not included in the final film. For instance, it's in this bonus feature that we discover Page's Juno wasn't a virgin when she had sex with Bleeker: She did it "like, seven times, in fact" with a dude who dumped her and went to Stanford.

Rainn Wilson The Office's Dwight Schrute has only one sceneas the pregnancy-test-distributing convenience-store clerk who asks Juno, "What's the prognosis, Fertile Myrtle?"but he's an MVP on the extras, going shirtless for a "Cast and Crew Jam" and stealing the show by purposely (we think) screwing up a take to get a (pretty funny) rise out of Reitman.

Source: Time Inc.

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