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» 2012: Time For Change Challenges Apocalypse Theories (Review)

by Desiree Washington, published on October 22, 2010

“2012: Time for Change,” is a new age documentary-styled answer to Hollywood disaster-porn blockbuster “2012.” Written by author Daniel Pinchbeck (“2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl”), “2012: Time for Change” tackles some questions Hollywood wouldn’t handle in a substantive way a mainstream film, namely what is actually supposed to happen in 2012, what is the scientific basis for the 2012 hysteria, does humanity deserve whatever horror might happen and what solutions are on the table.

While the film provides a sobering tour of how destructive the human species has become to the environment and to itself, “2012: Time for Change” manages to remain positive and uplifting. In speaking with experts in the fields of economics, hard science, spirituality and tribal sciences, green technology, Mayan prophesy and pop culture, Pinchbeck offers an essential “how to guide” for surviving 2012.

The events of 2012, Pinchbeck offers, do not necessarily involve a mega disaster, but perhaps an existential or spiritual awakening that will occur once the cumulative effect of the industrialized world’s excesses is finally revealed. The West’s ability to honor the Social Contract, already demonstrating shocking signs of weakness in Britain and France, may finally and completely collapse in the US. The ability to obtain edible food and potable water may disappear for all but a few wealthy persons, as is the case in Latin America. The environment may turn completely inhospitable for living creatures due to man-made causes such as deforestation, oil drilling and waste, pollution, etc.

But the silver lining, as Senior Scientist Dean Radin, PhD at the Institute of Noetic Science points out, is that positive thinking could impact any 2012 scenario for the better. Citing scientific studies using a radon number generator, Radin maintains that humans’ psychic energy or thoughts can make outcomes more likely to occur. Thus, if humans believe 2012 will herald in a biblical-styled apocalypse, Radin offers, such a reality is more likely to come true. Conversely, if mankind works to promote higher quality of life for all, bio-diversity, reduce pollution and create a monetary system that does NOT require the destruction of our planet as our current one does, our generation may survive whatever 2012 has in store.

With a multi-genre soundtrack and celebrities Sting, David Lynch and Ellen Page offering insight into their own spiritual awakenings, “2012: Time for Change” is engaging, educating and entertaining on every level.

“2012: Time for Change” is now playing in select theaters nationwide, including Laemmle’s Sunset 5 in West Hollywood. Visit www.2012timeforchange.com for more information.

Source: www.popdecay.com

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