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» Winslet, Page, Butler, Fox, Franco, Lennon, Goldberg & Hannah Narrate Na Nai'a Legend Of The Dolphins

published on May 17, 2010

Na Nai'a Legend of The Dolphins is an epic feature film documentary about the dolphins of the world, who for fifty million years have been roaming the oceans of the Earth. In this film they demonstrate their power, their message to humanity, and their survival.

Dolphins originally lived on land and then took over the sea forming the Great Dolphin Tribe. One day, the sea trembled and middle earth rose up in volcanoes, spilling lava and splitting the land. There was fire in the water, the continents shifted and the tribe became divided. They evolved to become many species and traveled to eight corners of the world.

The film has a consciousness-raising message about the importance of the dolphinÂ’s survival as well as the conservation of the oceans and rivers of the Earth. Touched with humor and alive with thrills, breathtaking cinematography captures the beauty and you are there dramatic journey of the dolphins, through the oceans of Hawaii, The Bahamas, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Mozambique, and the Amazon River of Brazil. Dolphins need clean oceans to survive the 21st century, however predators hunt them and pollution of their environment endangers them. The Boto, the mysterious Pink Dolphins of the Amazon, are endangered by the accelerated and commercialized rape of the Amazon by oil companies. In New Zealand the population of the Hectors Dolphins has been severely reduced due to gill net fishing. The Orcas of Canada, the largest members of the dolphin family, have become endangered from over-fishing of salmon as well as the pollution of chemicals and artificial sonar of fish farms. But these intelligent beings continue to live effortlessly as guardians of the sea.

The voiceovers for the story are told by a cast including Kate Winslet, Ellen Page, Gerard Butler, Megan Fox, James Franco, Julian Lennon, Diego Luna, Cheech Marin, Whoopi Goldberg, Isabella Rossellini And Daryl Hannah. Award-winning Composer Randy Edelman created an exceptional original music score, embellished by the natural music and sounds of the dolphins. The soundtrack features songs by The Rolling Stones, K D Lang, Marvin Gaye, The Everly Brothers and By John LennonÂ’s iconic song Imagine.

Five years in the making, directed and produced by Canadian filmmaker Jonathon Kay for the first time in the cinema Na Nai'a Legend Of The Dolphins screens in Cannes Palais C at The Palais Des Festivals Tuesday May 18th, 2010 At 4:00 PM. Contact Jonathon Kay at 604-731-6684 or jk@dolphinmovie.com

Source: www.thebusinessoffilmdaily.com

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