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» The Top Ten Movie Girlfriends

by TomCat, published on Friday, May 14, 2010

Ever sat in a movie theatre, looked up at the young lady on the screen and thought: 'Wow, that's one sassy lass, I bet she'd make a cracking girlfriend.'? Well you're not alone. So here are Tom's top ten big screen ladyfriends.

What Makes The Perfecto Big Screen G-Friend?

There are just a few conditions when it comes to the ultimate movie girlfriend; certain parameters she has to be within, certain specifics she must contain. Very much like the perfect movie, there are ingredients to what makes her magnificent. It is as follows: she has to be funny. She has to be smart. She has to be cool and she gotta have sass. But most of all, she has to be someone you could hang out with, someone that would keep you on your toes and never make you yawn.

Some of you out there may love the cheerleader model; the bubbly blonde with a disturbingly tight sweater and the IQ of a can of Spam. Well, if that’s what does it for you then that’s your prerogative. Others want the kooky girl, the outsider who goes against the world and shows us how ridiculous it is to conform. Some desire the rebel, that girl with ripped jeans and forever scruffy hair who just wants to tear down everything and start again. Or perhaps you want the rock chick? A girl who can party till dawn and still find a smile as long as the music’s still playing somewhere…well we’ve all got our own tastes. So here, with the help of a few male compadres of mine, is the top ten list of the top ten movie girlfriends.


1. Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) – Juno

Okay so she’s a schoolgirl. Okay so she’s pregnant for most of the movie. I don’t care, because you won’t find a funnier, sharper and sassier lady in this life. Blessed with a gift for frank no nonsense chatting, and the ability to grin and deal with all the crap life can chuck at you, Juno is the kind of girl you’d want around you come rain or shine.

Able to handle all of life’s hurdles with an adolescent wit and an honesty most would kill for, she’s also heart shatteringly cute and deceptively tough. The ultimate girl-next-door figure, not only can she deliver a scathing one liner to any person who dare cross her, she can also play guitar! Magnifico. Ellen Page puts in a stellar turn as a girl making the best of a bad situation, and doing it in style.

Apologies if I missed out on your cinematic girl of choice, but ten is just not a big enough number to allow me to cover everybody. Maybe I should have done the top twenty… hmm, next time perhaps. But whoever you cast your eye on and sigh like a schoolgirl at, just remember that the girls in the real world can be just as intriguing as those up on the silver screen, and ultimately they’re much more rewarding. Providing they don’t drive you completely and utterly mad that is.

Source: www.geeks.co.uk

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