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» Har Mar Superstar: Large and in charge

by Richard Metzger, published on October 27 2009 09:46 AM PT

Portly, balding, comic R&B singer Har Mar Superstar, yes, he of the overactive libido, is hardly anyone's idea of a dreamboat, but that has not stopped the performer (real name Sean Tillman) from being the most buzz-worthy man in pop music today. Har Mar's latest CD, "Dark Touches," seems to be everywhere you turn, both online and off.

His latest single, "Tall Boy," was originally written for Britney Spears, but rejected by her management. Undaunted, Tillman recorded the song himself, but without switching the gender roles for an amusing, off-kilter, homoerotic approach.

The "Tall Boy" video features spacesuits, ray guns and famous friends like Eva Mendes, "Arrested Development" actress Alia Shawkat and comedian Eric Wareheim. The clip, directed by prestigious L.A.-based design shop Tomorrow's Brightest Minds, has been making the rounds as a popular viral video.
Har Mar (who has also gone under the monikers Sean Na Na and Calvin Krime professionally) has seen his star rise to unexpected heights in the last few years and he's picked up some famous friends along the way. It's recently been announced that Tillman has co-written an HBO pilot with his co-stars in Drew Barrymore's "Whip It," Ellen Page and Shawkat, with the working title “Stitch N’ Bitch."

With a stage show that sees Har Mar enter the stage in a boxer's robe, only to strip down to his underpants and elbow-length sequined gloves by the third number, it would be difficult not to get the joke. There is an extra "meta" layer added to the parody, however, when Tillman is opening for the likes of Kellie Osbourne. Do her fans really get it? “No matter what, if they’re laughing at it or they’re getting into it, everyone is having fun. That’s all I care about,” he says.

Clearly it doesn't matter to Har Mar either way.

Source: www.thisisbrandx.com

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