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» Nolan's Inception plays with the mind... and the waiting continues! (Part 1)

by Jed Medina, published on Sunday, 30 August 2009 04:05

Christopher Nolan's upcoming movie Inception just got a teaser trailer. I watched it a couple of times and it remains a mystery to me. I still can't figure it out, although I'm beginning to find some clues as to what this sci-fi movie might turn out to be. The biggest attraction for me is the cast - Leonardo diCaprio plays the lead character (obviously) and it also has Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, Ellen Page and Marion Cottilard. I just hope Nolan is mindful of the immense talent of the other cast and give them the screen time they deserve. I intend to dwell on that later in Part 2.

I don't know who started the practice of a 'trailer dissection' on the blogosphere. It happens when almost every scene get individual screenshots and are later analyzed and debated upon. Apparently, Inception is getting the same treatment and that's great news! But any movie which has to undergo such intensive inspection would: (1.) involve a filmmaker moviegoers like a lot/admire a lot and has a reputation for showing cutting-edge films; (2.) appear to have a great plot and will involve some very cool CGI effects; (3) involve some very popular actors (like DiCaprio, in this case).

I'm pretty sure Nolan can take care of the special effects and since this is not just about "effects", I think the talented cast is needed to provide a deeper perspective. There are those who insisted on its 'somewhat' similar feel to The Matrix, and I think there might be some inspiration attributed to the trilogy, but knowing Nolan...

Some interesting notes from across the Blogosphere: I read a number of posts related to Inception, and these are the most interesting, so far...

Says Aint it Cool:
Thus far, all we know about Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION is that it is a contemporary science-fiction thriller "set inside the architecture of the mind." This might be frustratingly vague for some, but it's good enough for me. All I need to know is that one of the world's most talented filmmakers is hard at work shooting a brainy sci-fi flick on a $200 million budget with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy (about to blow you away in BRONSON), Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine and the criminally underappreciated Tom Berenger. That's a murderer's row of acting talent right there.
- - -
So I'm pleased that the just-released teaser trailer for INCEPTION, which debuted this weekend in front of INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, gives us nothing more than a tagline ("Your mind is the scene of the crime") and the promise of a bizarre, gravity-defying fight in the hallway of an office building. I have no idea what's going on in this sequence, but it looks fucking spectacular. [ read more ]

Says Film Drunk, giving us some details...
Plot: "A CEO-type becomes involved in a blackmailing scandal."
  • Leonardo DiCaprio as Jacob, the lead, a CEO-type
  • Marion Cotillard as Jacob's wife
  • Ellen Page as a young college grad student named Ariadne, who is also Jacob's sidekick
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur, an associate working for Jacob
  • Ken Watanabe as Saito, the film's villain, he is blackmailing Jacob
  • Tom Hardy as Eames, a member of Jacob's team.
  • Cillian Murphy as Fischer

Says Week in Geek:
You have to hand it to Christopher Nolan. Where other directors of blockbuster films only have to open their mouths for the controversy to come spilling out, the Dark Knight director has kept shtoom about his upcoming projects. Amid a barrage of press speculation over when a follow-up to the fourth highest-grossing film of all time will finally hit cinemas, and who will be the main villain (more of that later), the British film-maker has said nothing. And the same has been true of the build-up to the movie he's currently working on, Inception.
- - -
The high-profile cast suggests this may not be a Memento-style brainteaser focused entirely on DiCaprio's character, although you wouldn't put it past Nolan to limit the supporting actors' screen time. Poor Murphy only appeared for about 30 seconds in The Dark Knight, after all, despite being one of the stand-outs of Batman Begins. [ read more ]

and finally, says Anne Thompson @INDIEWire:
This looks like Matrix meets Shutter Island, which also stars DiCaprio. The scary thing about mind-movies-anything can happen, you don't know what the rules of reality are. [ read more ]

Source: forum.themovie-fanatic.com

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