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Headline Date
Flickering Myth Review - Tallulah 08/09/2016
Under the Radar - Cinema Review: Tallulah 08/09/2016
Tallulah director Sian Heder: “Traditional families are failing people” 08/05/2016
Arkansas Times - A review of Sian Heder's debut feature, "Tallulah" 08/05/2016
The Telegraph Review - Tallulah 08/03/2016
Tallulah's characters surprise us, beautifully 08/03/2016
Entertainment.ie Review: Don't expect the magic of Juno in new Netflix film Talullah 08/02/2016
The Ambiguity in Motherhood of Netflix’s Tallulah 08/02/2016
Netflix's Tallulah and the Struggle to Destroy Good Mom/Bad Mom Mythology 08/01/2016
Tallulah Finds Depth in the Melodrama of Motherhood 08/01/2016
Netflix's 'Tallulah' a great showcase for Ellen Page and Allison Janney 08/01/2016
Tallulah - Ellen Page Doesn’t Play Gay, But You Should Watch It Anyway 08/01/2016
Allison Janney on being “fragile but tough on the outside” and the questionable things she’s done for love 07/30/2016
Hindustan Times Review: Tallulah - Goodbye Juno, Ellen Page has become a baby kidnapper now 07/30/2016
Ellen Page's 'Tallulah' Role Might Remind You A Bit Of 'Juno' In A Strange Way 07/29/2016
Tallulah Takes A Disturbing Yet Compassionate Look At Motherhood 07/29/2016
Ellen Page Shines in Netflix Baby-Kidnapping Comedy 07/29/2016
We Got This Covered Review - Tallulah 07/29/2016
Is 'Tallulah' Based On A True Story? The Writer Pens From Her Own Experiences 07/29/2016
Did Margo Believe Tallulah In 'Tallulah'? Ignorance Might Be Bliss In The New Netflix Film 07/29/2016
Press Play Review - Tallulah 07/29/2016
Interview: Sian Heder, Director of Tallulah On Honest Portrayals of Motherhood 07/29/2016
13 Ways 'Tallulah' Gets Motherhood Right, Because We're All In This Together 07/29/2016
Three women, a baby and a lot of melodrama 07/29/2016
The A.V. Club Review: Netflix’s Tallulah steals your heart—and a child 07/29/2016
Netflix’s Tallulah is a sharp, enchanting gem 07/29/2016
Orange Is The New Black's Sian Heder on her debut film, and why bad people make good characters 07/29/2016
Female First UK Review - Tallulah 07/29/2016
Q&A: ‘Tallulah’ Director Sian Heder on Working With Ellen Page, Allison Janney and a Baby 07/29/2016
Sian Heder debuts as feature film writer-director 07/29/2016
Tallulah — Little Movie Big Themes And Thank God There’s Gravity 07/28/2016
In 'Tallulah,' An Aimless Young Woman Stumbles Across A Purpose: Kidnapping 07/28/2016
Interview: Director Sian Heder talks Netflix’s Tallulah 07/28/2016
Los Angeles Times Review - Bad decisions lead to female connections in 'Tallulah' 07/28/2016
The Wrap Review: Tallulah - Ellen Page Explores the Darker Side of Motherhood 07/28/2016
Punch Drunk Critics Review: 'Tallulah' Starring Ellen Page And Allison Janney 07/28/2016
Chicago Sun-Times Review: ‘Tallulah’ - The funny, moving story of a baby snatcher 07/28/2016
Empathising with the villain in Tallulah 07/28/2016
UPROXX Review - Ellen Page Kidnaps A Baby And Finds Herself In Netflix’s ‘Tallulah’ 07/28/2016
'Tallulah' dream team - Ellen Page and Allison Janney shine in Netflix story of troubled moms 07/28/2016
How ‘Tallulah’ Director Sian Heder Overcame Rejection To Make Her Sundance Hit – Springboard 07/28/2016
Collider Review: Tallulah - Scruffy and Earnest in All the Right Ways 07/28/2016
Tallulah film explores toddler kidnap 07/28/2016
Ellen Page and Allison Janney bring “Tallulah” to life 07/28/2016
The Young Folks Interview: Actress Tammy Blanchard on ‘Tallulah’ 07/27/2016
Tallulah's Director On Motherhood & How Every Human Is Horrible 07/27/2016
VODzilla.co - Netflix UK film review: Tallulah 07/27/2016
Film Journal International Review: Tallulah 07/27/2016
Metro 60 Seconds Interview: Ellen Page 07/26/2016
SFGate Review - ‘Tallulah’ is too precious for its own considerable good 07/26/2016
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