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Ellen in talks for film adaption of »Queen and Country« and Kitty Pryde spin-off / Co-op and app support for »Beyond«
on 09/22/2013
Greg Rucka's Eisner Award winning »Queen and Country« comic series is one step closer to getting a cinematic adaptation at 20th Century Fox. Ellen Page is reportedly in negotiations to star as the female lead in what could become a series of espionage films. According to Variety, the studio has been looking for some time to give the young actress a franchise after working with her on a number of different projects. Word is also that Fox attempted to bring the original graphic novel, which spans 32 issues over the course of 6 years, to the big screen since at least 2007.

Queen and Country

Itself inspired by the 1970s British ITV television series »The Sandbaggers«, »Queen and Country« features modern, completely un-romanticized and fairly realistic spy stories about defusing Middle Eastern weapons deals, ambassadorial kidnappings and scandals, and the hazy deals done between the espionage agencies of supposedly allied countries. It is focused on Tara Chace, an incredibly capable, driven and complicated field agent for England's Special Operations Section of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS, also known as MI6). She is tough as nails but also dealing with the emotional complications of having a job that requires her to kill and almost be killed on a regular basis, all while also worrying about the tricky bureaucracy and politics behind her missions. In the ongoing series of comics and novels Chace tries to stop an international terrorist plot after her identity is compromised and as her personal demons spiral out of control.

Peter Chernin of Chernin Entertainment (»Oblivion«, »Rise of the Planet of the Apes«) and Jenno Topping (»Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle«) are set to produce. Ryan Condal (»The Sixth Gun TV movie«, »Rock’s Hercules: The Thracian Wars«) has drafted the current script, with previous versions penned by John Rogers (»Transformers«, »Catwoman«) and Greg Rucka. No director has been selected yet, which should not be surprising since the project is still in its early stage of development.

Queen and Country - Tara Chase

Should she officially sign on, this would be unlike anything that Ellen has ever done and could bring her into a whole new arena for her career. While she does have some action movie experience, starring in not only two X-Men films but also James Gunn's »SUPER«, those parts were just supporting roles. Here Page will have the spotlight directly on her, and from the plot it sounds like she will be going into full-on Jason Bourne mode. But Ellen showed more than once that she is able to play challenging characters with Hayley Stark from »Hard Candy« being an excellent example. On the other side, the project might benefit from not picking a normal action-ready leading lady and allowing the actress to grow into the role.

Kitty PrydeAnd if this works and Page proves she can draw a big action box office, then maybe a Kitty Pryde spin-off won't seem so far-fetched. American screenwriter, producer and director Joss Whedon has frequently stated in the past that he's a fan of the character and wants to make a dedicated movie some day. Back in 2009, he revealed Fox "don't seem to think a Kitty Pryde movie is awesome. I don't know why." With Ellen being one of the most talented and unique actresses working in Hollywood today and the consistent success of the X-Men franchise, which will without a doubt continue with »X-Men: Days of Future Past«, the chances of a Kitty Pryde movie becoming a reality are better than ever. In any case, Page would be willing to portray the fan-favorite phasing mutant for the third time as she told Vulture in a recent interview: "Well, I'm available! [Laughs.] I love that. Kitty Pryde's awesome. I'm super grateful to be the actress who's gotten to be her, and you only desperately hope that the true fans who have a right to demand what they want and who have been passionate about these stories for a really long time, that you can pull it off for them. I would be so thrilled to play Kitty Pryde again. I really would."

Beyond AppWith the release of »Beyond: Two Souls« only a few weeks away, Sony and Quantic Dream have started to publish several making of videos which provide interesting insights into the development and creation of the game. Both companies were also present at this year's gamescom in Cologne, Germany where they announced the co-op campaign called "Dual Mode" and a "Beyond Touch" app which will allow players to control the game using iOS and Android touchscreen devices. While you can switch between controlling Jodie and the ghostly Aiden in the normal single-player game, the Dual Mode simply lets two players pass off control of the two characters using the triangle button. It's not a typical cooperative mode as both players are never interacting simultaneously. According to Polygon, David Cage explained that Dual Mode seemed like a sensible addition since many gamers experienced »Heavy Rain« with a friend in the same room. When you hook up your smartphone or tablet to your PS3, you will be able to drag your finger to move Jodie or Aiden about, and hold the camera button and drag to look around. Furthermore, you can tap, hold, and swipe to interact with the world of »Beyond«. Any combination of DualShock 3 controllers and mobile devices are possible using Dual Mode.

Beyond: Two Souls

On September 3rd, David Cage had the pleasure to deliver this year’s BAFTA Annual Games Lecture in London. There, he shared his views and predictions on creativity in the games industry and discussed the topic "Can Games Become Art?". Shortly after that the CEO of Quantic Dream headed for Japan to promote »Beyond« at the Tokyo Game Show 2013. It appears that the Asian market is very important, the local gamers will not only get a special edition, but also a director's edition of the game. This package includes the game in a steelbook case, a 30 minute DLC scene, soundtrack, dynamic PS3 theme, PSN avatar pack, four making of videos, and a collector’s edition book. Pre-orderers also get two tumbler glasses, a flashlight, and a set of postcards. In comparison, customers who have pre-ordered the game in Italy will also be receiving an art-book while customers in both Germany and Austria will be getting a plain black bag with Beyond written on it. Before the game hits stores in Northern America, China and other regions of Asia on October 8 as well as in Europe on the following day, interested gamers will have the chance to check out a two-level demo at the beginning of October.

Beyond: Two Souls Goodies

» Beyond: Two Souls - Making Of: The Origins (07/09/2013) «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 3:31 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 29,7 MB)
© Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / Quantic Dream. All rights reserved.

» Beyond: Two Souls - Making Of: The Gameplay (07/23/2013) «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 3:30 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 29,5 MB)
© Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / Quantic Dream. All rights reserved.

» Beyond: Two Souls - Making Of: The Soundtrack (08/22/2013) «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 5:58 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 50,3 MB)
© Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / Quantic Dream. All rights reserved.

» Beyond: Two Souls - Making Of: Capturing Performance (09/04/2013) «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 5:18 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 44,9 MB)
© Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / Quantic Dream. All rights reserved.

» Beyond: Two Souls - Making Of: Graphic Arts (09/05/2013) «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 5:31 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 46,6 MB)
© Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / Quantic Dream. All rights reserved.

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