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»Beyond: Two Souls« at Tribeca / Promotion tour for »The East« / Sneak Peeks from the set of »X-Men: DoFP«

Tribeca Film Festival 2013At this year's Tribeca Film Festival in New York, Quantic Dream's upcoming PS3 game »Beyond: Two Souls« was shown in a two-hour screening honoring the common bonds of storytelling shared between cinema and videogames. The event featured a 35-minute video called "Homeless in a nutshell" with new gameplay footage followed by the reveal of a new trailer and a panel discussion with Harold Goldberg, founder of the New York Videogame Critics Circle, David Cage and a trio of the game's digital actors including Ellen Page, Kaddeem Hardison and Eric Winter.

The walkthrough demo was taken from one segment of the game where Jodie Holmes has run away from her CIA mentors, winds up alone on the harsh winter streets and joins a group of homeless people living in an abandoned building. The footage was filled with small heart-warming moments, like when one of Jodie's newfound friends takes her out on the streets to try and raise money to buy food for a homeless woman who is pregnant. The game gives players control of Jodie on the street, with a number of interactive action points that only become apparent as you freely wander around. Walking toward a bar will trigger an offer from a treacherous-looking man who solicits the young girl to go into the back with him for money; likely for a sexual proposition. The person playing the demo declined this suggestive offer and instead wandered to the end of the street, borrowed a busker’s guitar, and began performing Beck's "Lost Cause". "I suggested it and then I played it, and then David liked it, and then we used it," Ellen joked. "That’s about the extent of my guitar skills, though. OK, I sang in »Juno« but it was a two-chord song so it was pretty easy. I wish I was a talented musician."

In another scene we get to see a dispirited Jodie standing on a ledge over a freeway while giving the options to either jump or back away. Since there is no classic "Game over", the game won't end at this point though. When you decide to jump, Jodie will be lifted by the mysterious spirit Aiden and pushed back the ledge, prompting an emotional speech in which Jodie begs him to leave her alone and just let her die. But don't start to think that it doesn't matter what the player is going to select in such situations. In the words of David Cage: "The whole idea is to put you in the shoes of the main protagonist and let you make decisions, let you make choices that will have consequences on the plot. So you decide what you want to do, where you want to go or what you want to say. And the story changes accordingly." In this way you will make your own story and become the actor, but also the writer and the director of this experience.

» Tribeca Film Festival - Tribeca Talks: After The Movie Beyond: Two Souls (04/27/2013) «

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(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 50:24 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 414,0 MB)
© Tribeca Enterprises LLC / Ustream, Inc. All rights reserved.

"It's really the story of a life," the CEO of Quantic Dream told the audience. "It's a journey in someone's life, and we'll see Ellen Page's character Jodie Holmes in different moments - when she's happy and sad - in her life and just be with her and share a life." The extremely high-end choose-your-own adventure story and the format of storytelling was also the key factor that attracted Ellen to the project. "I didn't know how to wrap my head around it," she said. "What does it mean to be in a videogame? I had no concept. I hadn't really even played videogames in 10 years; I sort of stopped at »Crash Bandicoot«. It completely intrigued me. I got »Heavy Rain« and was completely blown away. I had such a limited gaming experience in that time and technology had moved away and then to see what was happening -- this combination of interactive gameplay with cinematic scope of narrative. It was fascinating. Then to sit down with David and have him explain to me this female protagonist and this journey she goes on -- I was just completely blown away."

The year-long process of shooting was done in a motion capture studio with nothing but behind-the-scenes equipment and the most rudimentary of props; animators created the rest of the environment in the post production process. Cage said it was “funny” to see the actors’ reactions to the set, which were unanimous: "On the first day they were really lost, because the set is empty. They felt they look silly in the motion-capture suit covered with 90 markers all over the place. They asked, ‘Where’s the camera?’ There is no camera. There are cameras 360 degrees around you, so you don’t have to look at something in particular. ‘What about the lighting?’ There’s no lighting. 'What about the marks on the floor?' There is no mark on the floor." That eventually led to the final question: 'What am I doing here by the way?' Although the actors were lost at sea on the first day, Cage explained it didn’t take long for them to find their legs. "On the second day, they all had the same reaction: ‘What a minute. That means that I’m free. No one is asking me to look in this direction, to be careful with the light… We can just act with other actors and focus on the script and my role.’ So they realized how free they are compared to a film sometimes."

However, this freedom was essential since the filming process turned out to be really challenging and emotionally and physically exhausting as Page explained. Although she called it "a great exercise," she noted, "Everyday you’re doing thirty-plus pages." For the most part, studios film from one to five pages a day on the average, depending on the complexities of the project. With absolutely no breaking down and resetting of lighting and sound equipment, motion-capture shoots can run at a much higher speed. Actors on a motion-capture set therefore must memorize a whole TV episode’s worth of dialog each day by comparison. “It’s nonstop,” she said. At the same time, Ellen stars in every scene and therefore had to memorize multiple lines for each moment in the narrative and then deliver them, one after another, without a break and - the hardest part for an actor - with complete emotional believability. Switching a character’s arc on a dime is hard enough, but doing it multiple times for a single take, again and again and again, is phenomenal, and Cage, Hardison, and Winter each in turn praised Page's virtuosity and dedication, all by saying it was the best performance of her career. Critics, in turn, are already calling her performance the most convincing digital acting display so far, while also praising the game's photorealism.

»Beyond: Two Souls« will be available this October in North America and Europe with the special edition featuring a premium steel book, an exclusive extra game scene, the game soundtrack, dynamic themes, an avatar pack and Making of Featurettes that have only being announced for America and the United Kingdom so far.

» Beyond: Two Souls - Gameplay Footage (04/27/2013) «

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(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 35:05 min | Dimension: 640x272 | Size: 297,0 MB)
© Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / Quantic Dream. All rights reserved.

» Beyond: Two Souls - Tribeca Trailer (04/27/2013) «

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(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 2:42 min | Dimension: 640x272 | Size: 22,8 MB)
© Sony Computer Entertainment Europe / Quantic Dream. All rights reserved.

In the lead-up to its upcoming theatrical release in the US on May 31, Fox Searchlight has released the second trailer for »The East« and has started to reveal new clips, tv spots, featurettes and movie stills on an almost daily basis. As you may imagine it's not easy to have an eye on the whole Internet and everything that is going on, but I'm really trying to do my best in order to provide you with the latest information. At the same time, screenings at numerous US film festivals as well as several free advance screenings and special events took place in different US cities including Washington, Boston, Chicago and Dallas with Zal Batmanglij, Brit Marling and various members of the cast being in attendance for Q&A sessions and interviews. Ellen attended one of these free screenings in Toronto, along with Zal and Brit.

In addition, she will be contributing to the current promotion tour by appearing on »The Daily Show with Jon Stewart« on Monday, May 20th at 11:00 PM ET/10:00 PM CT and »The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson« on Tuesday, May 28th at 12:35 PM ET/11:35 PM CT to talk about the eco-thriller. Please find all of the available stills to date in the gallery and make sure to check out the video clips and the official list of play dates with information on the US theatres in which the film will open below!

» The East - Second US Trailer (04/25/2013) «

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(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 1:41 min | Dimension: 640x272 | Size: 14,2 MB)
© Fox and its related entities. All rights reserved.

» The East - Web clip - Going Undercover «

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(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 1:15 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 10,7 MB)
© Fox and its related entities. All rights reserved.

» The East - Web clip - New Mission «

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(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 1:31 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 12,9 MB)
© Fox and its related entities. All rights reserved.

» The East - Featurette: The Story «

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(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 3:00 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 25,0 MB)
© Fox and its related entities. All rights reserved.

» The East - Featurette: Casting The East «

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(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 3:06 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 100,0 MB)
© Fox and its related entities. All rights reserved.

May 31New York, NYAMC Lincoln SquareWWW
May 31New York, NYSunshine CinemasWWW
May 31Los Angeles, CAThe LandmarkWWW
May 31Hollywood, CAArclight HollywoodWWW
June 7Bethesda, MDBethesda Row CinemaWWW
June 7Washington, DCE-Street CinemaWWW
June 7Bronxville, NYBronxville TriplexWWW
June 7Manhasset, NYManhasset TriWWW
June 7Montclair, NJClaridge 6WWW
June 7Bethel, CTBethel Cinema and CádizWWW
June 7Brooklyn, NYBrooklyn Heights CinemasWWW
June 7Norwalk, CTGarden CinemaWWW
June 7Rocky Hill, NJMontgomery CinemasWWW
June 7Kew Gardens, NYKew Gardens CinemasWWW
June 7Malverne, NYMalverne Cinema and Art CenterWWW
June 7Philadelphia, PARitz at the BourseWWW
June 7Toronto, ONTIFF Bell LightboxWWW
June 7Evanston, ILEvanston 18WWW
June 7Chicago, ILCentury Centre CinemaWWW
June 7Dallas, TXAngelika Film CenterWWW
June 7Santa Barbara, CAPaseo Nuevo CinemaWWW
June 7Pasadena, CAPlayhouseWWW
June 7El Segundo, CAArclight Beach CitiesWWW
June 7Sherman Oaks, CAArclight Sherman OaksWWW
June 7Irvine, CAUniversity Town CenterWWW
June 7Palo Alto, CAPalo Alto TwinWWW
June 7Pleasant Hill, CACentury's/Pleasant HillWWW
June 7San Jose, CASantana RowWWW
June 7San Rafael, CARegency 6WWW
June 7Berkeley, CAShattuck Art CinemasWWW
June 7San Francisco, CAEmbarcadero Art CinemaWWW
June 7San Francisco, CAKabukiWWW

Out ThereOn April 19, IFC aired the season finale of its coming-of-age animated series »Out There« with Ellen and Sarah Silverman in guest roles. They lent their voices to Amber and Amy, two girls from the "cool kid" yearbook staff who invite the main character Chad to join their inner circle for ulterior reasons. Although the show received positive reviews from Bubbleblabber, the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, there hasn’t been any recent news on if it will be returning for a second season.

» IFC - Out There - S01E10 - Ace’s Wild (04/19/2013) «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 11:53 min | Dimension: 640x360 | Size: 100,0 MB)
© Independent Film Channel (IFC). All rights reserved.

Since the last update, the production of »X-Men: Days of Future Past« has started in Montreal, Canada. While director Bryan Singer is frequently using Twitter to share the latest casting updates and photos from the set, there isn't much information about the upcoming mutant adventure itself so far. What we know is that many actors from both »X-Men: The Last Stand« and »X-Men: First Class« are going to reprise their roles with even the heavily pregnant Halle Berry making a (likely short) appearance as Ororo Munroe aka Storm. Newcomers to the franchise include Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Booboo Stewart (James Proudstar/Warpath), Fan Bingbing (Clarice Ferguson/Blink) and Evan Peters (Quicksilver). »X-Men: Days of Future Past« comes to theaters July 18th, 2014.

And finally, for those who care, EPO had its 7th anniversary on April 30, 2013!

Date: 05/20/2013 - 22:55:20 Posted by Dominik
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