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Ellen on CBC's »The Bottom Line« with David Suzuki / »Inception« receives 15 nominations at the 2010 Scream Awards

CBC Radio aired the 10th and last episode of »The Bottom Line« yesterday. David Suzuki met Ellen in a Halifax park to talk about how nature grounds us amidst the chaos and also the things that sparked her interest in environmentalism. You can listen to it on www.cbc.ca, in the audio clip section or via iTunes (Podcasts > CBC > The Bottom Line from CBC Radio > Episode 10). The whole podcast is worth listening to, but if you just want to hear the actual interview then fast forward to the 35 minute mark.

Although the subject is too complex to discuss here at length, I'd like to share my thoughts and quote Suzuki's final statement because I think there is so much truth and wisdom in these words:

"As humans on this planet, what is our role? For decades, scientist has been informing us that human activity is driving tens of thousands of species to extinction every year, that forests are vanishing, oceans depleted, air polluted and climate's changing. Human beings have become a new kind of force. Our numbers, technological power, consumptive demand and global economy are using up the productivity and regenerability of the biosphere, while spreading our waste throughout the air, water and soil. The economy has become our dominant priority, but that economy fails to recognize that everything that we use comes out of the earth. And whatever we are finished with, goes back into it. Our technological power has exploded and has amplified our ability to exploit the world around us. As the growth explosion has revealed, our technologies are powerful, but we have not designed them so that we can deal with their consequences in the worst case scenarios. I believe we can work our way out of our problems, but only if we can all agree that the source of our health, happiness and wealth is nature itself, the air, water and land and the web of life they support. That is the very source of all that really matters. That truly must be the bottom line!"

Personally, I was shocked when David told his Vancouver story. Can you imagine children who live near the beach, but have never seen a crab, never built a sand castle or rolled a rock before? Like both said, there is so much "disconnect" nowadays and I believe this is not an isolated case. Just ask yourself when was the last time that you walked through a forest, hiked a canyon, went to a lookout spot to enjoy the fantastic view or simply listened to birds twitter? I think a major problem is that many people live from one day to the next without thinking of tomorrow. They live in the moment and only do the things they need to continue with their day-to-day existence. These individuals are often trapped in their daily routine and are too focused on their own lives to care enough to go out of their way. However, we should not condemn them because it's not always their fault.

One of the many reasons for this misery is the above mentioned "technological power". The world seems to spin faster each day in its technological whirlwind of cellular phones, pagers, TV, Internet access and so forth. We are buried in information, e-mails, text messages and new products and services. Money moves around the world in a fraction of a second and most people living anywhere in the world can know within minutes if anything happens - like who Tiger Woods had sex with or that Paris Hilton was arrested for cocaine possession. But these are not the things we should care about.

Just look around - we are faced with or are still facing the financial crisis in Greece, the flood in Pakistan, earthquakes in Haiti and New Zealand, the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, world hunger, the East-West conflict or such problems such as the vanishing of the bees to name one of the things that Ellen is really concerned about. Just because these subjects are not on the front page of the daily newspaper anymore doesn't mean they no longer exist. And if nothing changes, we are slowly but surely heading for a global collapse. This may not happen tomorrow or in this decade, but sometime it will. So the big question is when will human kind as a whole open up it’s eyes, stop destroying itself and realize we all inhabit this planet and the future lies in our hands? Think about it and help to change the world! There is something everyone can do to make it a better place!

Some people think Ellen is too young to know about such things or see the bigger picture. Others, in turn, are questioning her qualifications to offer advice to anyone and even call her a hypocrite. That's ridiculous. I can assure you she really cares about Nature and the things happening around her. At the same time, she is in fact smart, passionate and widely read. Her occupation allows her to read a lot of books and deal with environmental matters. Unlike the rest of us who have a working day of 10 hours or more and a very limited free time each day, she can also take some time to study permaculture for example or do other things she is interested in. Basically, we should be happy to have people like her in high profile positions that use their celebrity status to bring forth knowledge and talk about important issues.

Last Wednesday, the nominations for the 2010 Scream Awards were announced. The awards, given out by Spike TV, honour the best in Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Comic Book genres and the more fan-friendly type of movies, TV shows and comic books respectively. Christopher Nolan's »Inception« picked up 15 nominations in 14 categories, including "Ultimate Scream«, "Best Science Fiction Movie«, "Best Ensemble« and "Fight Scene of the Year«. Ellen has been nominated for »Best Science Fiction Actress« alongside Scarlett Johansson (»Iron Man 2«), Mila Kunis (»The Book of Eli«), Evangeline Lilly (»Lost«), Gwyneth Paltrow (»Iron Man 2«) and Zoe Saldana (»Avatar«).

The great thing is you can vote daily for your faves without registering. So get over to the official website and don't miss out on having your say! The 2010 Scream Awards will be taped in Hollywood on October 16 and aired on Spike TV on October 19.

Cast your vote on www.spike.com/event/scream!

Stay tuned for the next update, which will feature the latest information on James Gunn's »SUPER« as well as photos from the world premiere at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival!

Date: 09/06/2010 - 23:08:55 Posted by Dominik
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