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Welcome to Ellen Page Online, the first and foremost fansite dedicated to Canadian actress Ellen Page. Here you will find the latest news and the most up to date information, the biggest photo gallery online, video clips, movie trailers, wallpapers, an awesome message board and much more... Take a look around and enjoy your stay!

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Steven Trumblay wrote on 02/17/2014:
I just wanted to say thank you to Ellen Page directly this is the only place i can think of do so. Thank you Ellen Page for work in Beyond Two Souls and Last of us. Honestly i have been in afghanistan since july 11th 2013 to feb 12th 2014. The reason I am thank you is not just by being a charcter in those games, the reason is Beyond two souls finally lifted me up. Being in afghanistan as a solider is hard. For me its not the weather that effects me at lest its the ppl and the loneliness i felt around those guys. Never really sure what other ppl are thinking. After all that time there comeing back home felt so nice, but i can hoestly say i have been waiting to be moved emotionally something that does just that is very rare. Well two days after unpacking and thinking what am i going to do with my self i went to games stop asked for there recommended game i bought it. Played it and was amazed. Hehe i was so impressed i really did have such a hard time telling the difference between the game and a real movie. It suck so much the game ended but so worth every penny. Thank you for that.

Andrew wrote on 11/01/2010:
Happy Halloveen!

Ellen lives an active life, always has time, it is good!

Audrey wrote on 11/05/2010:
I just wanted to say that I love coming to this site! Great job on managing all this. You always have the most up-to-date info on Ellen!

Ashley wrote on 11/07/2010:
Dominik, I love this site!! It's very dedicated. However, I just wondered if Ellen has recently reached out to you and indicated she appreciated your work and supporting her causes and etc?? It's kind of disappointing to me that an actress who has a Facebook fan page that she goes on and tries to give her ideas and etc would not want to communicate more with a fansite owner like you. In fact, she doesn't even respond to her fans on her Facebook page.

I would understand if she was an actress like Kristen Stewart who appreciates her fans, but does not want to partake in any social networking or anything and would rather live a more private life. But Ellen has a Facebook and its purpose should be to connect with your fans, not just throw information at them. With so many big stars out there with social networking pages, such as Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and more, who actively communicate with their fans and show their appreciation, it makes me wonder why Ellen even has a Facebook at all. I think she would be better off without one if she does not want to genuinely connect with her fans.

Bifrons wrote on 11/07/2010:
Thanks for clearing that up. You gave me a real scare there. For those two weeks I simply didn't know where to go for Ellen-news. There's just no alternative...
That's why I started to donate and although I still feel my support of the site to be adequate, I obviously could voice my appreciation more often...

Mr. Tralala wrote on 11/08/2010:
That's the problem with addictions. The highs are intoxicating, but the lows, Dominik. Reallity hits ya like a train and you end up asking yourself 'What the F am I doing with my life'. Living in dreams where life is not easier, it's just simpler. Don't delude yourself, mate. People will always be able to find stuff on the Internet about Ellen. Certainly not that well systematized, however with the relentless possibilities the network offers one can find anything as long as one knows what one seeks.

Audrey wrote on 11/08/2010:
Hey Dominik,
I know it's really hard to work and maintain a website, and I think you are doing a fantastic job. Like others have said, you really put all your effort and hard work into this and I can tell by all the details you have going on in every post.

I'm glad you've come back after those 2 weeks. I was really worried that you were gone for good.. I hope you stay and keep up all updated on Ellen.

I know you might feel like your work is under-appreciated, but I'm sure that if Ellen has time she would give you a shout out. Heck, I think she would if you contacted her again via Facebook perhaps. I'm not sure if you've done that yet, but I think she's been getting A LOT of fan mails and e-mails that she doesn't have time to read it all. Inception really gave her a boost in fame and she's probably just taking things little by little. So don't give up =)

I'm sure most fans appreciate your work, I know I do and I will definitely help out by promoting EPO on Twitter. Plus, I think things might die down a bit when theres no movie promotion, however, when Super gets released, I'm sure more ppl will come visit EPO. =)

Keep up the amazing work!

Ben wrote on 11/08/2010:
Keep up the great work! This webpage is awesome!

Matt wrote on 11/09/2010:
I've only recently discovered your site but so far i'm incredibly impressed. It's far superior to anything else available on the net and it would be a real shame if it disappeared for good. Thank you for your hard work and perseverance.

Curtis wrote on 11/10/2010:
Dominik do not give up
on Ellen or me. Your
site is the best around!

ed wrote on 11/11/2010:
I don't come here very often these days, but once upon a time I was here pretty much every day! Just like everyone is saying, this page is the only Ellen-site on the Internet worth mentioning, and those times you've been offline I've found myself desperately searching for a site that is at least half as good. I'm sure there are loads of people coming on here, only they don't leave comments or things like that. But seriously, don't give in, I assure you that you would be missed!

E.R. wrote on 11/12/2010:
Thanks for maintaining this site active and full of information about Ellen's work and other interesting info.
A regular visitor from Portugal.
Thanks again. :)

Bogdan wrote on 11/12/2010:
Thank you for all your work Dominik. I really missed this website during the downtime.

Loren Rosson wrote on 11/14/2010:
I'm glad to see you back, Dominik, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate the hard work you put into this site. For what it's worth, I've had a link to EPO on the sidebar of my blog for a long time now (http://lorenrosson.blogspot.com/), so hopefully that helps, however little, with the traffic.

Book Launch Party for Rainn Wilson's »Soul Pancake« / Ellen to host a »Slude Diet« screening in Halifax / Statement from 10/31/2010
This past Friday actor Rainn Wilson celebrated the launch of his book »Soul Pancake« at the William Morris Endeavor agency in Beverly Hills, California. Cast members from NBC's »The Office« TV series including Steve Carell, Creed Bratton, Zach Woods and Leslie David Baker came to the party to show their support for their co-stars’ delve into the literary world. James Gunn, Steve Agee, Sarah Silverman and Ellen were also in attendance promoting their buddy.

» Rainn Wilson's "Soul Pancake" Book Launch Party - 29th October 2010 «

© Vivien Killilea / Eric Charbonneau. All Rights Reserved.

Based on the wildly successful same named website, »Soul Pancake« urges you to explore philosophy, creativity, spirituality, love, truth, science, and so much more. With a revealing introduction by Rainn, 180 of life's big questions, intriguing challenges and mind-bending art, this book creates a space for you to stimulate your brain stem, spark your soul and figure out what it means to be human. It is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound and everywhere books are sold for $19.99.

Remember my post regarding the use of biosolids in Halifax? Well, the situation hasn't changed much since then and is still strained. Although many citizens are concerned about biosolids being a threat to agricultural land, farm animals, food, water and public health, the city council keeps spreading them on public land. Now the fight is entering a new phase.

Ellen and Lil MacPherson, the co-owner of the Wooden Monkey restaurant, are going to host a complimentary screening of Mario Desmarais’ »Sludge Diet«. It will be held at the Park Lane Theatre on Spring Garden Road in Halifax on November 7 at 7:00 PM. This highly acclaimed 52-minute documentary from Quebec includes discussion by scientists, victims, farmers, activists and government officials from the US, Canada, France and Switzerland. The film focuses on the health and environmental problems linked to using sludges as "fertilizer."

The two activists and all the local people involved in organizing this hope that Halifax’s municipal government and other local politicians will take this opportunity to attend. Ideally, the politicians would ask questions and hear the concerns and questions posed by the citizens of Halifax. In this way they expect to have a lively public debate and learn about some great alternative uses for the sewage waste during the discussion period following the screening.

For more information on this event, please visit its page on Facebook or the Nova Scotia Environmental Network website!

Update - 11/05/2010 @ 9:00 pm

Both Ellen and Lil were on the »Rick Howe Show« on News 95.7 yesterday afternoon to express their concerns regarding the ongoing use of biosolids in Nova Scotia and the upcoming local screening of »Sludge Diet«. You can download and listen to my recording of the program below.

Listen | Download
© 2010 Rogers Broadcasting Ltd. All rights reserved.

Update - 11/07/2010 @ 6:00 pm

Finally, I would like to say some words concerning the recent downtime of the website. There were no technical problems or upgrades. I took it down on purpose because I needed to reconsider my commitment to this project and also find answers to some important questions. Over the past 4 years I’ve really enjoyed working on the website and everything that came with it. Some say I’ve created a true "labour of love", but I rather think this was just my way to show my support and admiration for a person that is really important to me and I care about a lot. However, it hasn't been always easy to keep it up since there are still various things and issues I am not happy about.

Since I maintained three other websites before, I knew from the start a webmaster always gives more than he receives from others. But due to the extreme lack of input, feedback and other factors in the past few months, I finally came to the conclusion that it doesn't seem to make any difference to anyone, including Ellen herself, if the site is online or not. Actually, I found myself feeling like the odd man out because I felt my efforts and work were not honoured or recognized as they should be.

I don't know if it's the right term, but I felt underappreciated for all the time and effort I have put in this site. I started to ask myself, "Why am I doing this at all?"

I believe only a handful of people really know and understand how hard and time consuming is it to maintain EPO at the current level with all its content. EPO consists of not only the self-written articles like the one you are currently reading, but also the website with all its pages and sections, the gallery, the press archive, the calendar plus the profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

Every part needs to be updated, which often means several times a week or a day. 98 percent of everything you see here was collected, put together and posted by myself and this is only possible because I'm spending and sacrificing my whole free time, energy and not to forget a lot of money for this project.

During the 2 weeks long downtime I kept reading stuff like "EPO was seriously one of the best run fan sites for a celebrity out there", "I've only seen fan sites like that for huge movie stars/musicians, and mega series like Twilight and Harry Potter", "Hope EPO comes back up soon" or "It's the best Ellen Page site I know of". Although I'm humbled for these lines, I have to ask those people "Where are you now" or "Why don't you show your appreciation and care while it's online?"

The other day I asked for some help with a newly established calendar on the forum. Though there were absolutely no obligations and I pointed out I don't expect a certain level of contribution, only one member was willing to help in the end. This is typical of the level of support I get.

Actually it is so easy ... some of the ways people could contribute are:
  • Commenting on news articles
  • Signing the guest book once in a while
  • Re-Tweeting or responding on Twitter
  • Making donations
  • Joining the message board
  • Sending me feedback by email
  • Sending links to articles for the press archive
  • Scanning magazines or papers for the gallery
However, don't get me wrong. I'm not completely unhappy. Like I said earlier, there are actually people and companies who are or were a great help for me and the site. One person that should be mentioned in this context is Jim H. from Canada. Over the last year he became a very close friend and literally my right hand, though we've never met in real life due to distance. He is also a moderator on the message board and the one who always proofreads my articles, periodically makes donations and does a lot of stuff in the background. To make a long story short, it means a lot to me to have him here.

Recently, I received a request from the filmmakers of the »2012: Time for Change« documentary who kindly asked me to put a "host a screening" banner on the site. At the same time, »SUPER« director James Gunn recently made a visit to EPO and grabbed a photo for his posting on Facebook. In the past, I was contacted by Miramax Films asking for my help in promoting »Smart People«. Also I've been in touch with Warner Bros. Germany who granted me access to the latest videos and images for »Inception« on request, and Rhino Records and Lynn Hirshfield (author of »Girls Gone Green«) who provided some items for contests. Believe me when I say I'm more than happy for that. But these glimmers of hope are rather something of a rarity.

Despite the fact that I'm really not pleased with some things at the moment, I eventually decided to put everything back online. The major reason for this decision was that I didn't want four years of hard work to be completely wasted. Moreover, I think there is no alternative to this website. I mean, who else brings you the latest information on Ellen Page? Who else reported about »Vanishing of the Bees«, »Na Nai'a - Legend of the Dolphins«, the »Global Work Party« or the upcoming documentary screening in Halifax? Sure, there are other so called fan sites out there, but two out of three hasn't been updated since the beginning of October or earlier. And no offense guys, but running a fan site means more than copying and pasting external articles, embedding videos from YouTube or adding pictures to the gallery once in a while. It's all about taking time out of your day to keep up with your favourite star and supporting this person all the way through in good and in bad times.

There’s one last thing. Occasionally I am pleased to find nice comments about the site. I recently came across an article from a former message board member Ryan Burton, on Helium. You can find it here:

Without the input, feedback, help and support of the visitors, fans and people who apparently care about this project, this won't work in the long run. I think there are so many ways to show your gratitude, appreciation, and recognition for EPO and my work. So I want every one of you to ask yourself what you can do to keep this site alive and running for all of us to enjoy!

Thanks for your time reading this

And last but not least... Happy Halloween to everyone!

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