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Patrick from Virginia, United States wrote on 05/02/2011
Hi Dominik, Sorry to hear about the Sevenload problem. I am sure people will understand it will take some time to get all 850 clips back up and running. Thanks for all you do. If i hear of any Ellen news I will try to forward it, however you usually know these things before I do.


Martha Philpotts from halifax nova scotia, Canada wrote on 05/01/2011
I very much enjoy this website, it is so professionally and tastefully done. The amount of work involved is overwhelming. I check in regularly to learn new information and see the latest photos and happenings. Thank you very much for your effort.
Webmaster comment - 05/01/2011
Dear Visitor, thanks for your entry. But why do you fake your name and location. Your IP says who are from Flower Mound, TX 75028 (Verizon Internet Services). Best, Dominik

Leigh Ann from USA wrote on 04/30/2011
hey dom, you seem pretty down from your twitter updates today. why so negative? :( you've done a great job the past 5 years and should be proud of yourself!! keep up the great work.
Webmaster comment - 05/01/2011
Hi Leigh Ann, thanks for your entry and your kind words! Why so negative?! Well, that is just the way I feel at the moment. I believe it is not okay to say everything is fine when certain things are not the way I would like them to be. Best, Dominik

Ryan from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 04/13/2011
Hey Dominik, I just wanted to say thank you for the information you provided on US release dates for the film. I was worried at first I couldn't find one, or that I'd have to miss work if I did, but it all worked out. On top of finding the location, James Gunn, who's actually from St. Louis will be making an appearance here. So thank you again for your help.

Spore from Essex, England, United Kingdom wrote on 03/27/2011
As I previously commented, we are truly grateful for EPO, Dominik.

I can't even begin to process it in my mind the sheer hard work you put into each and every update you make. Your generosity is literally incredible! I love you for it, man.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you keep up the wonderful work and may God bless you along the way!

Ellen Page forever!

Ana Paula Silveira Ferreira from Minas Gerais, Brazil wrote on 03/27/2011
I always say that Ellen Page is the best! I am inspired this girl to make my characters as I said. My visit to this site is routine!

Congratulations and God bless!

Leigh Ann from Michigan, United States wrote on 03/03/2011
Keep up the amazing work, Dominik!!

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., USA, United States wrote on 02/22/2011
Kudos to you on the Birthday project Dominik.
Webmaster comment - 02/22/2011
Thx, Ryan! I am happy that at least some people acknowledge all the work and effort that was put into creating the project this year.

Carolyn from Hanover Park, Illinois wrote on 02/18/2011
Dear Ellen,

Just wanted to say I think that you are the most amazing person ever. I love your incredible beauty, unbelievable talent, and everything you stand for. You're not like any other actress I've seen. You are really down to Earth, and not consumed by the Hollywood glamor. It must be hard to really keep your composure when you have 5,000 fan-boys screaming your name. I am sorry to say that I didn't know who you were until I saw "Whip It" (which is my favorite movie, by the way). I hope that maybe one day I will get the pleasure of meeting you. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be friends with you. I bet it's awesome. You remind me of someone I once knew..I guess that what really draws me towards you. You are almost exactly like her, except you have no idea who I am and famous. I'll always be a fan of yours. Seeing you act is the best thing ever. I love you, Ellen.

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 02/14/2011
Happy Valentines Day Ellen! :)

Alexandra from Chihuahua, Mexico wrote on 02/13/2011
Hi, Ellen you're my favorite actress in the world... no, in the universe, you are very talentous and i love your style!
oh, well greetings from chihuahua, mexico
hahaha =)
Alex was here!

PD: i saw your video like iggy pop, that's so great!! =)
and (finally) sorry, i don't speak and write english very well, I'm 16!! ;)

Mekajyla Ensley from Montesano,Washington, United States wrote on 02/11/2011
Hey just wanted to say i think u r amazing and awesome. i love all of ur work and hope u stay with it. i think that what ur doing ouside of acting is great 2 =].

Jamppa from Finnland, Finland wrote on 01/18/2011
We love you Ellen! You are not like those hollywood "stars" and trying to be all the time at somewhere stupid paparazzi pictures etc!
Sorry my Bad english!

Bill Boteler from Washington, DC, United States wrote on 01/14/2011
I am so glad you have advocated on behalf of the bees. I will definitely try to get it screened with fellow tree huggers.

Danielson from Winnipeg, Canada wrote on 01/13/2011
I really love this great site Dominik. Keep up the good work. I can't wait for Super and for news on Ellens next project.

Ryan from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 01/10/2011
Hey Dominik, considering her B-Day is coming up, could maybe give a small clue how were gonna celebrate it this year? Keep up the good work.

Patrick from Virginia, United States wrote on 12/27/2010
Hey Dom.

Great Video, nicely done. Happy New Year to you too. Thanks again for all you do. Take care.

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 12/25/2010
Today, I'd like to wish everyone who comes to Ellen Page Online, the great webmaster Dominik Keppner, and most of all to Ms. Ellen Page, a Merry Christmas. May you all have a wonderful day, and a Happy New Year. Take care everyone.

Leah from Nova Scotia wrote on 12/24/2010
Ellen Page is a beautiful and sophisticated woman I love all her movies and can't wait to see many more

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 12/16/2010
As ever, the hats go off to Mr. Keppner for keeping this site totally updated for die-hard fans of Ms. Page like me. I look forward to seeing Ellen in more films (particularly "Super"). My best to everyone here.


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