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Johan from Kungälv, Sweden wrote on 07/15/2012
you are the best, smartest and sexiest actor on the planet. u are awesome!

Tony from California wrote on 07/14/2012
Just wanted to say .......... finished watching Hard Candy and Wonderful Job. Keep up the Great work.


Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 06/08/2012
I appreciate the compliment Dominik. :) Especially, your generousity to allow people like me to be the back-bone support for your wonderful web-site AND to Ms. Ellen herself. Granted there could be better ways of communicating a message. Yet I have always felt the stronger the voice with great wisdom as a tool, the more attentive your audience. So yes, I am very passionate in that respect.

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO. wrote on 06/07/2012
I have seen the advertisement for the game. I stand firm on my belief that the decision of her to take part in this game seems below her. Because Ellen has more acting potential than ever. Especially, after the Oscar nomination, I feel there is NO role she couldn\'t tackle, to give her more praise than just Juno. Still...its her decision to do what makes her happy. And I am VERY impressed with the graphics of this game. Especially how they captured her look in TRUE detail. A wonderful percent art
Webmaster comment - 06/07/2012
Why can you not directly comment on the corresponding news article like everyone else?! :D

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 05/15/2012
It's nice to have picture updates of the film. I'm sure it will be a pleasant experience from Mr. Allen. Still it is sad that it has to be for limited release in the U.S. yet it's a blessing to have a great cast ensemble to attract more attention to it, and thanks to Allen's Oscar nod, I'm sure it will do good business.

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 03/10/2012
It's truly wonderful of both Ellen Page and Dominik Keppner (with this website) to support the Kony video that has surfaced on the internet lately. Although many may have doubts of one day capturing him because of how tacticle he is, and because many would not consider him AS HEAVY of a threat as Bin Laden was. Still his actions cannot be excused. The most important thing to remember is that no matter how long of a struggle this will take, we must ALL have true faith in one day capturing him.

Moritz Demichiel from Bozen, Italy wrote on 03/04/2012
Ich finde diese Seite sehr gut. Bin ein großer Fan von Ellen Page. Sie ist die beste Schauspielerin die ich je gesehen habe. Schöne Grüße aus Bozen/Italien

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 02/21/2012
Nice work you did on the card Dominik. The Jurassic Park theme by the great John Williams? How fitting and memorable. Take care.

Damarcus from Paterson, New Jersey, United States wrote on 02/18/2012
What's up! I know that Tuesday is Ellen's birthday, so I wish her a very Happy Birthday in advance. May all of her birthday wishes be granted! I sent her a birthday message on her Facebook page, but just in case that she missed it, I'm sending her this one. Take care!

Dominik L. from Innsbruck, Austria wrote on 02/06/2012
Also ich kenne ja einige Fansites, habe auch schon an der Entwicklung von einer mitgewirkt. Aber "Ellen Page Online" ist von Umfang und Inhalt die beste Seite, die mir je untergekommen ist (außer ein paar Rechtschreibfehlern ;]) - wirklich ausgezeichnete Arbeit.
Webmaster comment - 02/06/2012
Hallo Dominik, danke für Deinen Eintrag. Freut mich zu hören, dass Dir die Seite gefällt. Du kannst mir ja mal bei Gelegenheit per E-Mail sagen wo ich die erwähnten Rechtschreibfehler finden kann. Gruß Dein Namensvetter.

Len Doran from Grants Pass, Oregon, United States wrote on 02/03/2012
As usual, Dominik, you have provided the fans with current activities of Ellen which warm the hearts of all of us.

Thank you for your hard work and amazing web site.


Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 01/31/2012
I'm a little early I know, but I rarely ever visit this website because of things going on in my life. So I want to take the time to wish Ellen a Happy 25th Birthday coming up. I hope her day is very special. And thank you Dominik for keeping the fire going. :)

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 12/07/2011
Well with the holidays in our midsts, I'd like to wish Dominik, the fans, and MOST importantly Ms. Page herself a Merry Christmas. I hope everyone is keeping well this year. Take care.

Frontline Events from UK, United Kingdom wrote on 10/24/2011
Wish you all the best, Very informative and enlightening website.

Andrew D from UK wrote on 10/11/2011
Can't get enough of watching Ellen Page, she is the most talented young actress at the moment and I look forward to her future films. Well done to Dominik for a great site, I'm sure it is much appreciated by Ellen fans.

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 10/02/2011
Im VERY grateful to Dominik in keeping us updated. Actually, "The East" sounds VERY promising. And its a film thats up her alley with environmental issues. Still all will be decided when the project hits theaters. Good luck to Ellen with the film. Thanks again Dominik. This is GREAT news.

Brian Patrick from USA wrote on 09/30/2011
Keep up the good work!!

Awais Mushtaq from Surrey BC, Canada wrote on 09/25/2011
There's only one word, SUPER!

Christian Zölfl from Mockritz, Germany wrote on 09/05/2011
Hey, wirklich 'ne klasse Seite, die du da aufgebaut hast. Bin schon seit 'ner Weile regelmäßiger Gast, aber das Gästebuch verpeil ich irgendwie immer.
-> Sorry dafür ;p

Ryan Burton from Festus, MO., United States wrote on 08/09/2011
It's really wonderful how much Ellen cares about environmental issues in her career these days. I'm sure she impresses even the doubting thomas' in political avenues.


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