Inception and Philosophy: Because It's Never Just a Dream Book

Alternate Title:Inception and Philosophy: Because It's Never Just a Dream
Release Date:11/15/2011
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Synopsis:Did the top fall?

Was the whole movie just a dream?

Is it possible for us to know what is truly real?

When should we take our own leap of faith?

Is paradox possible?

In the complex world of Christopher Nolan's four-time Academy Award–winning metaphysical heist film, Inception, Dom Cobb has the ability to infiltrate people's dreams to steal and even alter their beliefs and thoughts. Lurking behind these acts of extraction and inception are profound moral and philosophical issues. From Plato to Aristotle, from Descartes to Hume, Inception and Philosophy draws from the greatest philosophical minds to shed new light on the movie's key questions and captivating themes. Can we tell whether we are dreaming or awake? Is inception possible? Can sense be made of paradox? And the one that everyone still talks about: did the top fall—or does it even matter? You'll also deepen your understanding of the movie's multilayered plot and dream-crashing characters, examine different interpretations of the film, and discover whether or not philosophy can help determine which interpretation is the "right" one. You'll even find a list of hidden secrets in the movie that you missed!
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Purchase Date:11/19/2011
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