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Headline Date
My Days of Mercy: BFI Flare Festival Film Review 03/26/2018
Old Yorker Review: My Days of Mercy 03/24/2018
FilmLand Empire Review: BFI Flare 2018 - My Days of Mercy 03/23/2018
BFI Flare 2018 – My Days of Mercy Review 03/22/2018
Womentainment Review: My Days of Mercy 02/28/2018
Psychological zombie thriller “The Cured” opens Feb 28 02/21/2018
In “The Cured,” the Zombies Are More Misunderstood Than Villainous 02/21/2018
'The Cured' Examines What It Feels Like to Be a Zombie 02/20/2018
Review: ‘The Cured’ is the Zombie Film We Need Right Now 01/27/2018
Ellen Page says Brett Ratner outed her as gay in sexual remark during X-Men filming 11/11/2017
Ellen Page Accuses Director Brett Ratner of Homophobic Harassment 11/10/2017
Ellen Page accuses Brett Ratner of abusive behaviour 11/10/2017
Ellen Page Accuses Brett Ratner of Sexual Harassment on X-Men Set 11/10/2017
Ellen Page Accuses Brett Ratner Of “Homophobic And Abusive Behavior” In A Lengthy Facebook Post 11/10/2017
Ellen Page On Hollywood Climate: 'You Are Breaking The Silence. You Are Revolution' 11/10/2017
Ellen Page Reveals Brett Ratner’s Abusive Behaviour On X-Men: The Last Stand Set 11/10/2017
Ellen Page claims 'X-Men' director Brett Ratner 'outed' her as gay when she was 18 11/10/2017
Ellen Page accuses Brett Ratner of sexual harassment 11/10/2017
Ellen Page Says Making a Movie with Woody Allen Is the 'Biggest Regret' of Her Career 11/10/2017
Ellen Page Accuses Brett Ratner of “Homophobic and Abusive Behavior” 11/10/2017
Ellen Page says Brett Ratner outed her to 'X-Men: The Last Stand' cast and crew 11/10/2017
Ellen Page Accuses Brett Ratner Of “Homophobic, Abusive Behavior 11/10/2017
‘The Umbrella Academy’: Ellen Page To Star In Netflix Series Based On Comic 11/09/2017
Ellen Page Joins ‘Umbrella Academy’ Series at Netflix 11/09/2017
Ellen Page And Kate Mara Talk About Finding And Filming Their Love Story 11/02/2017
Post-zombie movie 'The Cured' digests human psyche, politics 10/18/2017
Toronto Star Review: ‘Flatliners’ amounts to uninspired, redundant viewing experience 09/30/2017
The Verge Review: The Flatliners team could have saved their remake — and chose not to 09/30/2017
Entertainment Weekly Review: Flatliners is dull and indecisive 09/30/2017
NewsComAu Review: Flatliners reboot nails the horror but filmmakers are ultimately gutless 09/30/2017
Screen Rant - Flatliners Review 09/30/2017
The Ringer - The ‘Flatliners’ Remake Is Agonizingly Dull 09/29/2017
No One On Rotten Tomatoes Likes The ‘Flatliners’ Remake 09/29/2017
IndieWire Review: ‘Flatliners’ Is an Agonizingly Boring Remake 09/29/2017
Variety Film Review: ‘Flatliners’ 09/29/2017
The New York Times Review: Why the New ‘Flatliners’ Is Just ‘Meh’ 09/29/2017
CinemaBlend Review: Flatliners 09/29/2017
The Wrap - ‘Flatliners’ Review: Unremarkable Remake Flashes Before Your Eyes 09/29/2017
'Flatliners' Remake Limps Into Theaters With 0 Positive Reviews 09/29/2017
The Hollywood Reporter Film Review: 'Flatliners' 09/29/2017
Den of Geek Review: Flatliners 09/29/2017
The A.V. Club - Flatliners shouldn’t have bothered coming back from the dead 09/29/2017
Rolling Stone Review: 'Flatliners' - This Thriller Remake Is a 'Fright Free-Fiasco' 09/29/2017
Chicago Sun-Times - Remake revives ‘Flatliners’ but breathes no new life into it 09/29/2017
IGN Review: Flatliners 09/29/2017
Student Edge Movie Review: Ellen Page’s “Flatliners” Remake Dies on the Table 09/28/2017
Film Pulse - Tiff 2017: My Days of Mercy Review 09/19/2017
‘My Days Of Mercy’ Stars Kate Mara & Ellen Page On Human Story About “How Love Heals” 09/15/2017
Ellen Page on Juno's lasting influence 09/14/2017
TIFF 2017: David Freyne’s The Cured navigates the politics of zombies 09/14/2017
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