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Biosolid fight in Halifax gets a little help from Ellen Page / James Gunn confirms world premiere of »Super«

The city of Halifax recently spread biosolids - a fertilizer that includes treated human waste - on large swaths of roadside grass, in a suburb where rows of rose bushes were removed. Now people are complaining about a foul smell and are upset that they weren't informed of the move. After visiting the Clayton Park neighbourhood and assessing the situation, Ellen made an appearance on CBC News Nova Scotia on Monday to express her displeasure over the inappropriate use of the controversial fertilizer. "The government should not be letting this happen," she told anchor Tom Murphy. "It's taking industrial waste, waste from hospitals, businesses, households, full of man-made chemicals, highly toxic, proven carcinogens, radioactive material, and they're putting it on our soil. They're putting it into our ecosystem. You know what? They can practise on their own lawns." In her opinion, a lot more research is needed into whether it's safe and there should be more public input surrounding the use of the substance.

» CBC News Nova Scotia - 16th August 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 4:00 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 32,8 MB)
© CBC. All rights reserved.

Admittedly, this is not my fight and as an outsider I can only comment based on the information provided by the media. But I implicitly trust Ellen's judgement and if she stands up and says something is not right then we should listen. I am firmly convinced she really cares about her hometown and isn't doing all this just to get attention. At the same time, she is not the only one who thinks this way. According to the latest online polls, almost 70 percent don't want biosolids to be used in Halifax Regional Municipality's urban areas. That should make us think, shouldn't it?

(Homemade signs put up along a portion of Dunbrack Street. Photos by Jason White)

However, Richard MacLellan of the city’s Sustainable Environment Management Office takes another position. "There are no health concerns with this. Biosolids in Nova Scotia have the highest and most stringent regulations by far in Canada. They do not require approval for land application and they are labelled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a fertilizer."

Regardless of the effect the mixture might have on people's health, I personally can't understand why Halifax city council decided to spread biosolids on medians along Dunbrack Street and in Point Pleasant Park without asking or alerting residents. Did they think nobody would notice the smell that can be compared to a sewer or a messy toilet? Why aren't they using normal compost instead, which is high in organics and a much more reliable alternative? Anyway, I hope the situation will be resolved soon and the Haligonians can work out a solution that is acceptable to all concerned!

From the interview Ellen did on CBC Radio last week we have learned that »Super« is set to debut at the 35th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Today director James Gunn has finally confirmed that his movie will make its world premiere on September 10, 2010 as part of this year’s »Midnight Madness« line-up and Rainn Wilson, Ellen Page, Liv Tyler, Sean Gunn, Stephen Blackehart, Andre Royo and others will be in attendance for the event. Check the calendar here on EPO, where I will add screening dates and ticket information as they become available. Also visit the official website thecrimsonbolt.com for updates on the movie!

Date: 08/17/2010 - 23:19:16 Posted by Dominik
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Interview on CBC Radio's »Q Uncut« / Gunn's »Super« to premiere at the 2010 TIFF / David Suzuki's »The Bottom Line«

Ellen recently did an interview with Jonathan Torrens on CBC Radio's Q, where she talked about her Halifax roots, »Inception«, »Super« (which will premiere at this year's TIFF in September), her successful Hollywood career and the »Chick lit« genre. Click here to listen to the 48 minutes long podcast on cbc.ca.

She will also be on episode 10 (»Biophilia and Happiness«) of The Bottom Line, a CBC Radio show featuring environmentalist Dr. David Suzuki, to discuss how nature grounds us amidst the chaos. The airing date is September 5, 2010.

Hans Zimmer and WaterTower Music are offering two additional and exclusive tracks from the »Inception« soundtrack now. It's very easy to get them and it's free. Just go to inceptionscore.com and sign up with your email address. Once entered you will be provided with a link to download a zip file containing »Projections« (7:04) and »Don’t Think About Elephants« (1:16).

Date: 08/12/2010 - 10:07:01 Posted by Dominik
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Support for »Vanishing of the Bees« / »Inception« continues its impressive box office run / New download script

If you are a frequent visitor to the site you may remember the donation collection for »Vanishing of the Bees« I started on June 6, 2010. Actually results should have been announced on July 1, but to be honest with you there was nothing to tell you. In other words, nobody donated any money and I received not a single penny. This is very disappointing, especially if you consider how much people »care« about this topic on Facebook lately.

However, it takes more than clicking the »like« link or telling Ellen how much you love her to support this project. Since there are less than two weeks left and $2500 dollars still needed to be raised to fund the campaign, I'd like to give this whole thing a second chance. Not only because I'm committed to this 100 percent and I believe Ellen would appreciate our help, but also because the movie has an important message that should be heard all over the world! If you don't see the importance of saving the bees, then please take a couple of minutes to read my previous posting, check out the official website or take a look at some of the articles listed below! Ultimately, to support Ellen also means to support her projects!

Due to the worldwide release of »Inception«, the website receives more than 1500 visitors each day at the moment and if only a small percent of them are willing to send some money, it would be a big deal! It doesn't matter if you donate 1, 5 or 10 dollars, euros or whatever - every bit counts! Plus, it will only cost you a few minutes of your time! The donated money will be used to revamp the official documentary website (to book screenings), hire someone to help the filmmakers and also cut an educational version of the film. Okay, now here's the deal:

Please visit the Bee the Change National Campaign page on kickstarter.com, if you like to donate $25 or more. In return, you will get a DVD autographed by the directors ($25 or more), a DVD signed by the directors plus a jar of raw organic honey ($75 or more), a DVD signed by the directors plus a jar of raw organic honey and a Bee The Change t-shirt ($175 or more), or a DVD autographed by Ellen plus a jar of raw organic honey and a Bee The Change t-shirt ($500 or more).

Alternatively, you can send me any amount of money to my Paypal, AlertPay or Moneybrookers account (please find details after the jump). Fans living in Europe are also welcome to send money via bank transfer (please ask for additional information via email). I will ensure that every single donation is forwarded to Hive Mentality Films on August 21 and listed on EPO! Please let me know if you don't want your name to appear on the website. Additionally, I will give away six copies of »Girls Gone Green« written by Lynn Hirshfield. The winners will be chosen by random and contacted by email. Moreover, the person who donates the most money gets an authentic autograph of Ellen! I've also been in touch with the two cool and easy going directors, Maryam Henein and George Langworthy. I can't promise anything, but maybe I can get a sneak preview on the US version or something for EPO in return for the donations. As a special motivation, I will add a donation counter on the left and update it daily to show the present status. I hope to see a three or four digit number there by the end of next week!

Update - 08/11/2010

Since the filmmakers don't want to have donations going straight to me, I must stop the donation drive. Thanks to Jim ($50,00 USD) and Kirsty (£20,00 GBP) who donated $82 dollars today. I have forwarded the money to Hive Mentality Films a few minutes ago (see receipt below). As promised, both of you will get a copy of »Girls Gone Green«. If you like to support the project and make a donation, then please go to kickstarter.com or use the PayPal button on the official site. Thanks for your understanding!

Ellen Page Speaks About the Film

Source: www.kickstarter.com

Please tell your friends, spread the word, help promote the movie and donate! Bee the change and the hive will come alive! Many thanks for your support in advance!

» Official Bee the Change National Campaign on Kickstarter «

Why saving the bees is so important for our world

» Scienceray: The Extinction of The Honey Bee and How It Will Effect Us «
» Western Farm Press: Honey bee pest and disease survey «
» Global Envision: Mystery of the Vanishing Bees «
» Daily Mail UK: Bee numbers plummet as billions of colonies die across the world «
» BBC UK: Our bees are buzzing off. But why? «

Although it is no longer number 1 at the US Box Office, »Inception« is still doing great. In fact, Christopher Nolan's movie managed another impressively small drop (32.7%) and drew $18.5 million worth of tickets in its fourth weekend. The North American total stands at $230.1 million after 25 days and chances are good that it will break the $300 million barrier. However, to reach this goal »Inception« needs to pull at least $12 million in its fifth weekend.

Besides, foreign totals have exceeded $251 million, bringing the worldwide total to $481.3 million. The UK, Japan and South Korea are currently the film’s second, third and fourth strongest markets, with $32.6 million, $17.7 million and $16.8 million respectively. Remaining releases include Venezuela (August 13), Greece (August 24), China (September 2) and Italy (September 24). Here in Germany, the movie was at the first place in the cinema charts until yesterday and has reportedly exceeded all expectations. Overall, 621.050 people went to watch it on the opening weekend. This isn't bad at all if you consider »Toy Story 3« (which also a great movie and opened at the same time) was only seen by 361.560 people.

A few days back some people reported issues with downloading big avi-files (i.e. videos). I was told that the data transfer stopped after a short period of time, which logically led to an incomplete and non-playable file. The reason for all this was simple: The maximum execution time for a PHP script is 90 seconds. This limit is in place in order to prevent badly written and non-optimized scripts from overloading the server. In case of large files (100 MB and more) and a rather slow internet connection, you only have between 91 and 179 seconds to download them. The server checks every 90 seconds the time a script has been running. If this test gives back 89 seconds or less, the script can run for another 90 seconds till the next check. After several days of researching, programming and testing, I have finally developed a solution that protects the files from hotlinking and mass-downloading on the one hand and provides a reliable download connection on the other.

Here is a brief summary of the basic facts: (kept feature / new feature)

- the download directory is hidden in order to prevent hotlinking and mass downloading
- the download links only work here on EPO
- you are only allowed to download up to 5 videos within 30 minutes
- you get a unique download link, which is valid for a limited time only
- downloads are resumable
- the PHP maximum execution time doesn't affect the file transfer
- the download of large files is possible, even with a slow internet connection

I hope all problems are solved now!

Date: 08/10/2010 - 23:35:21 Posted by Dominik
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»Super« panel at the 2010 Comic-Con Convention / »Inception« breaks the $100 million barrier / HBO's First Look

Last Friday, Comic-Con attendees got the first exclusive look at the crazy, violent and hysterical superhero comedy »Super«. Director James Gunn and the cast entered the stage in Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center to show off a specially cut trailer and a a scene from the movie. Also on the panel were producers Ted Hope and Miranda Bailey as well as moderator Ted Stryker. Kevin Bacon wanted to make it, but couldn’t attend because »The Bacon Brothers« had a concert scheduled in Philadelphia.

The footage wasn't color corrected and the sound wasn't locked or even edited. Gunn apologized for its unfinished nature, explaining that it just been finished on a home computer for Comic-Con. Nevertheless the collection of scenes wasn't any less outrageous and hilarious. When everyone sees the first bit of footage from »Super«, it will undoubtedly draw comparisons to »Kick-Ass«. Though that's not necessarily a bad thing, it should be pointed out that Gunn wrote the script several years ago. Ultimately, his film is different in many ways and feels like its own thing. It's gritty, dark, very violent (Libby blows up a bad guy with a stick of dynamite and pieces go everywhere) and funny at the same time. Furthermore, it's about a superhero that doesn't have noble intentions, but wants to impress his wife in order to win her back.

The trailer has Rainn Wilson as Frank D'Arbo and Liv Tyler as Sarah Helgeland, both working in a diner and falling in love. They kiss and we flash forward to a wedding which we learn fell apart because of Sarah's drug use, leaving Frank distraught. In the next scene, Frank arrives home to find his wife hanging out with some questionable company while getting high. Kevin Bacon plays the drug dealer at the root of the conflict. "She doesn’t want to be with you," he says. This is the point where Frank decides to turn into the »Crimson Bolt«, a cheap-ass superhero persona who dresses up in a gold-starred red spandex suit which covers his entire body and most of his face. He tests out his weapon – a hefty wrench – against a melon. Next, Bacon's character is at home, being protected by his gang of baddies, when the Crimson Bolt smashes a window with the wrench. They pull out their guns and aim at him. He pauses awkwardly, and bolts away from the house; he clearly didn’t think this through. They dart after him and try to chase him down. Thereupon Ellen makes an appearance as Libby who becomes Frank's sidekick. She shows off her moves in his apartment, bouncing pathetically around the room while attempting to punch and kick and flip onto her feet while lying on the ground. Nathan Fillion, who plays another superhero called »The Holy Avenger«, also briefly shows up wearing an old school yellow mask. The video ends with Boltie (aka Libby, who wears a green and yellow variation of Frank's costume) throwing a stick of dynamite at a bad guy. He explodes into a million pieces in a goofy, full-frontal way.

The short clip follows Frank as he waits in line outside a movie theater. When an asshole cuts in front and starts hitting on an attractive woman, he perks up while others quietly express their irritation. "Hey," he stammers. "No butts." The bully ignores him. "No butting in line!" Frustrated, Frank leaves his spot and heads for his car. He opens the trunk, pulls out his superhero costume, and awkwardly gets changed in the backseat while a little girl outside points him out to her mom. Then he returns to the line, and stands beside the asshole. "No butts," he repeats himself. Without skipping a beat, the »Crimson Bolt« blasts the guy in the forehead with the wrench. Blood starts to pour profusely down his brow. The girl, shocked, starts to berate and swing at him. But he whips the wrench across her face, and she collapses...

» Super Comic-Con Panel - 23rd July 2010 «

© IMDb Staff. All rights reserved.

© Sebastian Jespersen. All rights reserved.

During the Q&A with the audience, Gunn and his team also revealed the following:
  • James Gunn wrote the script eight years ago
  • He felt lucky that such an impressive and in-demand cast agreed to do the flick for a fee that was apparently as low as the Screen Actors Guild would allow.
  • Gunn desperately wanted Ellen to be in his movie, but he never thought he would get her due to her Oscar nomination for "Juno".
  • Producer Ted Hope got on board after finding out about the film on Twitter.
  • Hope described the entire film as "an f-ed up, low-rent Watchmen," which was the major reason he wanted to make it.
  • James Gunn’s ex-wife Jenna Fischer commended the script to Rainn Wilson’s attention on the set of "The Office."
  • When Rainn saw the script he decided he absolutely had to play the character and the movie must be made.
  • He admitted that Ellen really makes him laugh in this movie.
  • Rainn wilson has an intimate scene with Ellen, which he described as "kind of awesome and kind of icky."
  • Rainn said there are religious elements in the film, especially in regards to his character Frank, and how he sees his life fall apart and then he's forced to rebuild it.
  • They shot half of Liv Tyler's entire film appearance in one day
  • Liv Tyler's character is drug addicted. She got into the mind of a drug addict by spinning in circles in her trailer while taking the occasional shot of whiskey.
  • The film is Liv Tyler's first since finishing "The Incredible Hulk"
  • Kevin Bacon is the drug dealing antagonist using his six degrees of charm and douchebaggery to keep Crimson Bolt on is toes
  • Ellen has never met Bacon because they had no scenes together.
  • Ellen said she's really proud and lucky to be part of the film
  • She described her character, Libby, as a "lunatic" who "is ready to kill someone if they key (scratch) her car."
  • Ellen's work in the film is almost exclusively with Rainn, but she has nothing but nice things to say about the rest of the cast.
  • They were literally doing 50 setups a day, while most big-budget films do 15 setups at the most, during a shooting day.
  • Nathan Fillion's character's name is "The Holy Avenger". He's ambiguously gay, long haired and has the power of charisma (pronounced "CHU-risma" because he has the power of the church. He is also a hero on TV that Rainn Wilson's character is obsessed with and appears in visions.
  • He recently saw a screening of the film and was surprised by how strong and dramatic the material was.
  • Steve Agee has a one line cameo inside a comic book store. It's a four-letter word and it starts with 'C'.
  • Rob Zombie has a cameo in the film, too. He plays the voice of God.
  • Miranda Bailey said the reaction from potential buyers was good and they’ve gotten a lot of e-mails.
Thanks to the guys over at screencrave.com, we have a recording of the panel discussion and the staged fight between Rainn Wilson’s Dwight Schrute (»The Office«) and Nathan Fillion’s Malcolm Reynolds (»Firefly«).

» Super Comic-Con Panel - 23rd July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 9:57 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 83,9 MB)
© uCrave / ScreenCrave. All rights reserved.

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 4:04 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 34,5 MB)
© uCrave / ScreenCrave. All rights reserved.

Most Hall H panels focus on big-budget studio spectacles with million-dollar stars, but the presentation for »Super« was a study in the opposite extreme. The independently financed film arrived in San Diego looking to land a distribution deal and to get the first feedback from the audience. A year ago, Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass came to the Comic-Con in similar circumstances and eventually turned out to be a huge hit at the Box Office. Keep your fingers crossed that »Super« can step in its footsteps to some extent. However, don't expect it to be a mainstream box office hit. Stylistically, the film has the appearance of a typical quirky indie comedy/romance, but all of it is mixed with the disturbing weirdness, hard core violence and unadulterated vulgarity of James Gunn’s Troma-esque approach. Just like anything else... some will like it, some will love it, and some won't like it at all.

Admittedly, I haven't seen the footage yet, but I read the script a while ago. In my opinion »Super« combines the psychological element of »Hard Candy«, the dark tone of »The Tracey Fragments«, the humor of »Snatch« and the violence of »Sin City«. Although I'm looking forward to see Ellen playing an enthusiastic and ambitious sociopath, I'm sure the whole movie won't be easy to watch, especially for us fans of Ellen. SPOILER (you have to mark the text (click and drag) to read it)
[ I don't want too give to much away, but Libby/Boltie is more like Kick-Ass' »Big Daddy« than »Hit Girl«. If you have seen Matthew Vaughn's superhero movie, then you know what happened with Nicolas Cage's character at the end of the movie :-( ].

At the end of the panel they additionally announced the official website: TheCrimsonBolt.com. However, it's only a place to sign up for future updates for the moment. The film itself opens sometime next year, but I can also imagine we will see it at this year's TIFF if they don't find a distributor in the next few weeks.

On the same day, Box Office Mojo reported that Thursday’s estimate in the box office was enough to push »Inception« beyond the $100 million mark. For a film that is neither a sequel nor a remake, it is certainly a great achievement to break this barrier in only seven days. At the time of writing, Christopher Nolan‘s latest film still remains the #1 movie in the United States for its ninth consecutive day since July 16. Finally I recommend that you check out the new featurette below focusing on the film's sound. Also take a look at HBO's »First Look« and Star Movies' VIP Access special, which feature some never seen before scenes and give new insights into the production of the movie.

» Inception - Sound Featurette «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 6:31 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 55,1 MB)
© Warner Bros. Pictures. All rights reserved.

» HBO First Look - Inception - 6th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 12:52 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 105,0 MB)
© Home Box Office, Inc. All rights reserved.

» Star Movies VIP Access - Inception Special - 18th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 13:09 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 107,0 MB)
© FOX International Channels. All rights reserved.

Date: 07/25/2010 - 20:02:31 Posted by Dominik
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Ellen on »Jay Leno« and »Craig Ferguson« / Videos from the LA premiere of »Inception« / Ellen attends the Comic-Con

On Thursday, Ellen used her second appearance on the »Tonight Show with Jay Leno« to spread the word about »Inception«. But first she dropped some knowledge about her hometown and admitted that she talks about Halifax so much it annoys her friends and co-stars, like Leonardo DiCaprio. I think it was meant to be ironic even though Jay had some images to prove this statement. When asked by Jay to name three "fun facts" about her place of origin, she shared that the city has the most bars per-capita in all of North America, plus it’s the second largest harbour in the world behind Sydney, Australia. Furthermore it's quite a fun place to hang out. Then they moved on with Ellen's trip to the Lost Valley Educational Center in Eugene, Oregon and permaculture. The actress explained how her family kept a compost pile and the family members would pee in a bucket and dump it on the pile, because urine is such a great source of nitrogen. Jay thought it was a great idea since it saves water by not flushing. Emboldened by this newfound bond with his Canadian guest, the host suggested he and Ellen should pee together sometime. That was the point when things took a turn towards the creepy. However, after a commercial break they luckily changed the subject. At the close of the conversation they chatted about »Inception«, Ellen's own dreams and finally showed a short clip from the movie.

The following day Ellen was a guest on »The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson«. Funnily, the same scene from »Inception« was televised before she entered the studio and "Nova Scotia" was the first subject of their talk. Craig wanted to know what it is like to live in Halifax compared to her second home in Los Angeles. After that they played some sort of tell-the-truth game and pictured what would happen if Ellen ran a talk show in Canada. All in all it was the usual small talk. Ellen came intending to promote her movie and Craig tried to crack his jokes. Judge for yourself and take a look at both appearances after the jump.

» The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - 15th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 12:47 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 107,0 MB)
© NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.

» The Late Show with Craig Ferguson - 16th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 11:38 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 98,0 MB)
© CBS Entertainment. All rights reserved.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Christopher Nolan's summer blockbuster kicked off its theatrical run with a strong $21.6 million at the North American box office while playing at 3,792 locations. It scored a solid daily average of $5,708 per theater and could make up to $60-65 million this weekend, according to estimates. This is not bad at all for an action thriller that is aimed at adults, is not a sequel and doesn't feature some comic book hero or other. By the way, audiences rated it an overall "B+" Cinemascore, with the under-25 crowd giving it a straight "A". I'm glad to see it’s doing pretty well because »Inception« deserves all the attention. If you're not sure about it yet, just give it a shot. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! Speaking of the film, here are some videos from the recent movie premiere in LA. Besides the huge agencies and networks like Reuters, NBC or CNN, there were also other teams from World Monitor TV, Eyebite.tv and Maximo TV on the spot, who got some great coverage as well.

» CNN - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 2:17 min | Resolution: 480x360 | Size: 19,2 MB)
© Cable News Network. All rights reserved.

» Reuters - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 2:02 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 16,7 MB)
© Thomson Reuters. All rights reserved.

» ETOnline - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 2:38 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 22,3 MB)
© CBS Studios Inc. All rights reserved.

» Access Hollywood - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 3:11 min | Resolution: 480x360 | Size: 26,9 MB)
© NBC Universal, Inc. All rights reserved.

» Maximo TV - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 4:21 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 36,8 MB)
© Ricomix Productions / Maximo TV. All rights reserved.

» Eyebite.tv - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 0:54 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 7,68 MB)
© EyeBite.tv. All rights reserved.

» NDTV - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 1:52 min | Resolution: 480x360 | Size: 15,3 MB)
© NDTV Convergence Limited. All rights reserved.

» World Monitor TV - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 1:05 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 9,33 MB)
© World Monitor TV. All rights reserved.

» Showbiz411 - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 2:07 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 17,4 MB)
© ITN Productions. All rights reserved.

» Pacific Rim - Inception Los Angeles Premiere - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 4:21 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 36,8 MB)
© You Movies. All rights reserved.

Finally don't miss this short, but fantastic report by CTV's eTalk, which aired on July 13 and casts a very positive light on Ellen!

» eTalk - Inception Report - 13th July 2010 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 1:43 min | Resolution: 480x360 | Size: 14,5 MB)
© CTVglobemedia. All rights reserved.

James Gunn has announced via Twitter that Ellen will be joining the »Super« panel with Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Nathan Fillion, Michael Rooker, Ted Hope and Miranda Bailey at the Comic Con. You can meet them on Friday, July 23 at 1:00 PM in Hall H, where they will reveal footage from the movie, including the first peek at Rainn and Ellen’s costume design. I will definitely keep you posted on everything that happens!

If you are going to be there, please take some pictures and/or videos and contribute them. That would be much appreciated! Check out comic-con.org for a complete schedule and more information on this event.

"As you’ve probably guessed, when I said at the beginning of this review that Inception was the first movie in over a decade to mix breathtaking action with thoughtful subtext, I was referring to 1999’s The Matrix. The comparisons are inevitable. Both movies deal with the nature of reality combined with pulse-pounding set pieces that will be included in any action-scene highlight reel. But The Matrix is a freshman level course compared to the doctorate held by Inception, and it has nothing to do with how far special effects have come in ten years. It’s about taking multiple genres, settings, ideas, emotions, and questions and weaving them into a rich tapestry that will have folks talking long after the credits roll. But then you throw in those advanced special effects and you have a summer blockbuster that will blow your mind." ... "You’ve never seen anything like Inception, and you’ll want to see it again and again."

Grade: A
Matt Goldberg, Collider.com, collider.com
"For all its seemingly complex concepts and structurally challenging narrative, at its heart, Inception is a pretty lucid experience. There is no highbrow psychological mysteries to be unraveled for decades to come nor any pondering ethereal contemplations. It’s an all-out enthralling action extravaganza centered on an emotional struggle, all while balancing high-level, but comprehensible dream logic. It does what it does perfectly and for a thoroughly captivating, completely enveloping experience Christopher Nolan has delivered beyond my wildest dreams."

Rating: 10 out of 10
Jordan Raup, The Film Stage, thefilmstage.com
"With Inception, Christopher Nolan delivers the perfect blend of action and intelligence. The precisely constructed script is told through striking visuals set to a superb score. The film is massively original, complex yet easy to follow, and wildly entertaining. This magnificent mix of elements makes for the ultimate summer movie, and without-a-doubt the best film of the year so far."

Rating: 5 out of 5
Billy Soistmann, Atomic Popcorn, atomicpopcorn.net
"In a season where Hollywood is thriving on sequels, remakes, reboots and product that caters to the level beneath the lowest common denominator, Inception stands as a breathtaking accomplishment. The latest feature from my favorite commercial filmmaker of the last decade is a beautiful, thrilling cinematic ride that will stick in your collective memory for days - if not longer - after you see it."

Shawn Fitzgerald, The HD Room, thehdroom.com
"Overall, Inception is multiple must-see! For obvious reasons. Christopher Nolan shows why he deserves to be considered one of Hollywood's best directors today. The material is challenging but manages to get filtered thoroughly for all to enjoy the cinematic dream."

Rating: 5 out of 5
Joe Belcastro, Examiner, examiner.com
""Inception is an imaginative and ingenious movie, but it’s also a risky one, since it’s being released at a time when the cineplexes are bursting at the seams with mind-numbing spectacles rather than mind-blowing ones. It may not gross as much as "The Dark Knight" at the box office, but where that film was snubbed for a Best Picture nomination, "Inception" is a guaranteed front-runner (especially now that there are ten spots to fill). As a result, "Inception" may be a tough act to follow, but if anyone can top it, Christopher Nolan can."

Verdict: SEE IT!
Scott Mantz, Hollywood, accesshollywood.com
"Inception is hands down perfection, one of the best movies of the summer an easily the best movie of the year. There’s some serious awards potential here and proof that Christopher Nolan’s talent isn’t riding on the wings of Batman! A must-see movie, period!"

Final Grade: A
maroon5gurl88, Entertainment News International, enewsi.com
"So what is Inception? Inception is planting your own idea at the centre of someone’s brain so that they believe it was theirs in the first place. Just as Nolan keeps making us believe that the films he chooses to make are exactly the sort of flick we want to see right now. He is a man of incredible talent that keeps churning out masterpiece after masterpiece, truly marking himself out as the premier film-maker on the planet, well deserving of the Kubrick-meets-Mann title that I have chosen to bestow on him."

Rating: 5 out of 5
James Carroll, The Epoch Times, theepochtimes.com
"Most movies these days seemingly insult their audience's IQs by dumbing themselves down to appeal to some imagined lowest audience common denominator, but we believe that the opposite holds true for Inception. That being said, the film can be confusing at times but beyond that, Inception is a breathtaking achievement in film-making and story telling, as well as a movie-going experience that is well worth your time and investment. "

Fooyoh, fooyoh.com
"Impossible. Intelligent. Incredible. Inception is a 5 star film that dazzles as much as it boggles"

Rating: 5 out of 5
Ivan Radford, I-Flicks, i-flicks.net
"An ambitious, surreal thriller, Inception is loaded so full of ideas and dizzying special effects that it is a cinematic achievement of rare breed. Filmed in so many different countries, it may remind some of a Bond movie (especially one particular ski sequence). Though there are moments that could spark some "ending of Total Recall"-type arguments, Nolan doesn’t abandon his viewers and keeps it from descending into a heady mess. The top-notch cast brings their A-game, making the movie both technically brilliant and emotionally human. In short, Inception equals wow. And your brain may hurt for a while afterwards."

Maurice Broaddus, mauricebroaddus.com
"Visually dazzling, complex, labyrinthine look inside a man’s subconscious, which has more ideas than it knows what to do with but still weaves an amazing pattern and grips for most of its long running time."

Rating: 4 out of 5
Mike Martin, moviemuser.co.uk
"In a very concrete way, Inception really isn’t that complicated. It’s one man’s journey around the world and through the subconscious to come to terms with something horrible that happened to him. The film can be very easily enjoyed without any understanding of "what’s going on" beyond that. My only advice would be to give yourself over to the film and enjoy it on whatever level happens to you. The best dreams are the ones in which we seem to have the least amount of control; the ones where we don’t even know it’s a dream. Christopher Nolan’s cinematic examination of the subconscious was so thrilling to this viewer that I was up until the middle of the night after I saw it rolling it around in my mind. What’s the last film that lingered with you not just beyond the credits but all the way home and into the evening? Inception is a film about a man who wants to implant an idea in another man’s mind. The reason it’s a masterpiece is because Christopher Nolan somehow found his way into mine. "

Rating: 4 out of 4
Movie Retriever, movieretriever.com

Date: 07/17/2010 - 23:29:42 Posted by Dominik
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