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Welcome to Ellen Page Online, the first and foremost fansite dedicated to Canadian actress Ellen Page. Here you will find the latest news and the most up to date information, the biggest photo gallery online, video clips, movie trailers, wallpapers, an awesome message board and much more... Take a look around and enjoy your stay!

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»Inception« is coming - new featurette, banner posters, TV spots, viral website, third stage of »Mind Crime« and more
The PR machine for »Inception« is well and truly in motion. Within the past couple of days Warner Bros. has released a new behind the scenes featurette, four banner posters, three TV spots, launched a viral website via TV commercial, started a marketing campaign in the streets, opened the third stage in the Mind Crime online game and updated the official US website.

Just yesterday, Virgin Media unveiled 4 new exclusive, mind blowing banner posters that feature the most recent tagline »The Dream is Real« instead of the previous tagline, »Your Mind Is the Scene of the Crime.«

At the same time, three new TV spots with new footage, music and taglines are now online courtesy of the Warner Bros. Pictures YouTube channel. The first two aired during the NBA Finals game on Sunday and the third later that night on Comedy Central. In addition, the download section has been launched on the official movie website (www.inceptionmovie.com) where the public can download nine different wallpapers available in two screen resolutions, eight buddy icons and an awesome screensaver showing the well-known spinning top.

» Inception - TV Spot #6 - Collapsing «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 0:32 min | Resolution: 640x272 | Size: 4,53 MB)
© Warner Bros. Pictures / Syncopy Films / Legendary Pictures. All rights reserved.

» Inception - TV Spot #7 - Control «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 0:32 min | Resolution: 640x272 | Size: 4,65 MB)
© Warner Bros. Pictures / Syncopy Films / Legendary Pictures. All rights reserved.

» Inception - TV Spot #8 - Last Job «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 0:32 min | Resolution: 640x272 | Size: 4,64 MB)
© Warner Bros. Pictures / Syncopy Films / Legendary Pictures. All rights reserved.

The day before, Warner Bros. moved on to the third stage in the Mind Crime game (www.mind-crime.com/stage3). The game play is relatively similar to Stage 2, but comes with a few nice additions including »subconscious security« characters with guns that shoot at you when detected and the ability to punch NPCs in order to stun them. Also new are two items; a stopwatch which slows down time and sunglasses which provide immunity to detection. Besides this, map creation has undergone the most improvement, with tools for streets, parks and various structures. The structures range from warehouses and theatres to gas stations and skycrapers which can be unlocked by playing the game, scoring points and increasing your player level. In addition, there is a new mod area where you can customize the difficulty of being an extractor or set the security for when others attempt to extract your assets. On a side note, the combination to the lock is 07-16-10, or the date that the movie comes out.

Although no new promotional materials seem to be currently available in the online game, Mind Crime is increasingly being used as a platform to release new exiting stuff over time rather than providing immediate rewards. It only took a few days for Stage 2 to reveal a poster with a mysterious note that lead to a viral video, so keep your eyes open and watch for anything new. With »Inception« releasing in less than five weeks, the current stage will surely bring some exciting content in the near future.

Approximately one week ago, a "Behind the Scenes" look at the filming of the movie was playing in selected U.S. theatres during the pre-trailer previews, in which Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan discussed the film’s locations as well as the cast. Unsurprisingly, the footage leaked on the net only a few days later but was taken down on request of Warner Bros. shortly after it was posted. That featurette has now been given to Yahoo!Movies and is once again available for your viewing pleasure.

» Inception - Behind the Scenes featurette «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 2:30 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 21,2 MB)
© Warner Bros. Pictures / Syncopy Films / Legendary Pictures / Yahoo!Movies. All rights reserved.

Last weekend, a strange commercial aired during »The 40-Year-Old Virgin« on USA network. It showed a simple scene of a wall in some city, with city noises playing in the background and the text messages »Did you know the government can access your mind?«, »Keep your eyes open and your mind closed« and »Text MINDCRIME to 5500 for more information«. Concurrently, a similar commercial aired during »Juno« (is this a coincident?) and instructed the viewer to »Text WAKEUP to 5500 for more information.« A forum member over at NolanFans was able to send a text message in time (apparently there was a time limit for this) and received the following reply: »What is Dream Share? Go to http://www.whatisdreamshare.com to learn the truth about mind crime.« Afterwards it turned out, Warner Bros. registered this domain to launch a new viral website, on which you can find dream-related blog entries.

A guy from Toronto, known as Mr. Will-W, attended a marketing round table for »Inception« over a week ago where they expressed a loss at how to creatively market the film. On his blog he referred to a public transit marketing strategy discussion which took place, and it seems that has manifested itself into what appeared in Chicago a few days ago. The good folks over at Screen Rant recently noticed some strange posters with the phrases »Thought theft is real« and »Protect your thoughts« in the streets there (see photo below). Each one ends with the phrase »Learn the truth about mind crime« and a QR code, which, in turn, leads to the above mentioned viral site.

The whole campaign is reminiscent of District 9’s public transit marketing that went on last summer and gathered a lot of hype weeks before the movie's release, although Inception’s may be a bit more ambiguous. While Neill Blomkamp, Peter Robert Gerber and Simon Hansen have left people with a single website, the »Inception« posters just have a QR code leading to site that doesn't seem tied to a specific film at all. However, it remains to be seen how widespread this will go, if it will be a focus point for the film's marketing or just something for the real fans to enjoy.

With its international locales, visual richness, brilliant cast, sci-fi flourishes and mind-being plot, »Inception« could be the brainiest, coolest and most visionary work of the entire year, or at least THE movie event of the summer. Christopher Nolan and his people are doing some great things to keep us excited and I can’t wait to see this!

Date: 06/09/2010 - 23:38:27 Posted by Dominik
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»Na Nai'a Legend of the Dolphins« documentary / Donation collection for »Vanishing of the Bees« / »Peacock« on DVD
Ellen has narrated another documentary about one of the most beautiful creatures on our planet - the dolphin. It slipped under the radar because neither she nor her agency ID Public Relations said a word about it and the project isn't listed on IMDb yet.

»Na Nai'a Legend of the Dolphins« is an epic feature film documentary about the dolphins of the world, who for fifty million years have been roaming the oceans of the Earth. In this film they demonstrate their power, message to humanity, and their survival.

The project has a consciousness-raising message about the importance of the survival of these animals as well as the conservation of the oceans and rivers of the Earth. Touched with humor and alive with thrills, breathtaking cinematography captures the beauty and you-are-there dramatic journey of the dolphins, through the oceans of 8 countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa. The voiceovers for the story are told by an awesome cast including Kate Winslet, Gerard Butler, Megan Fox, James Franco, Julian Lennon (son of music legend John Lennon), Diego Luna, Cheech Marin, Whoopi Goldberg, Isabella Rossellini, Daryl Hannah and Ellen Page, who narrates the episode »Dusky and Hectors - Dolphins Of New Zealand«. Award-winning Composer Randy Edelman created an exceptional original music score, embellished by the natural music and sounds of the dolphins. The soundtrack features songs by The Rolling Stones, K D Lang, Marvin Gaye, The Everly Brothers and By John Lennon’s iconic song Imagine.

After five years in the making, director and producer Jonathon Kay is bringing this enchanting film about nature's most wonderful miracles to the screen. It premiered for the very first time at the Festival de Cannes a few weeks ago. Since there are no other release dates yet, I hope he and Magic Factory Productions Inc. will find a distributor to bring »Na Nai'a Legend of the Dolphins« to a wider audience!

If you're interested in dolphins in general, I highly recommend you watch the documentary »The Cove«. But be warned - your view of the world will never be the same. Trust me, you will be close to tears more than once. To learn more about Kay's project, you can check out the movie page on EPO which I added yesterday, watch the official trailer below or visit the official website.

» Na Nai'a Legend of the Dolphins - US Trailer «

Watch trailer | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 2:47 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 22,9 MB)
© Magic Factory Productions Inc. All rights reserved.

We should also pay attention to another species which must be saved from extinction. As you probably all know, Ellen serves as narrator for the US-version of »Vanishing of the Bees« because this project is important to her. In fact, the topic is more relevant than ever. In many places all over the world, the air has become just that little bit quieter. The reason: our bees have stopped buzzing. Over the past couple of years, honeybees have suddenly and inexplicably disappeared from colonies that once thrived across the northern parts of the American and European continents. A mysterious disease has struck down the fittest and most able bees, laying waste to billions and leaving empty hives starved of once industrious workers. According to scientific reviews, there are multiple causes, each interacting and creating a more complex problem than previously thought. Possible reasons for the decrease in the population of honey bees are mobile phone signals, agricultural pesticides, climate change and genetically modified crops.

There is also a type of mite called Varroa destructor, which was a natural parasite of the Eastern honeybee, but jumped across twice to infect commercial honeybees. The mite can directly impact them, reducing the development of pupae and potentially lowering the immunity of adult bees. The worst of it is that it is almost impossible to find a honeybee colony free from this pest today. Other causes of the disappearing bees are several known viruses like the deformed wing virus (DWV) that deforms or atrophies bee's wings as well as the acute bee paralysis virus (ABPV) and the Israeli acute paralysis virus (IAPV) which paralyzes and finally kills bees. However, since honeybees have a long association with their parasitic mite and none of the aforementioned viruses tend to be harmful when passed naturally between bees, they cannont be the sole causes of the recent population crashes. The viruses only kill when they are ingested by the mite, and injected back into a bee. So the mite appears to be dramatically boosting the virulence of the viruses. I could easily go on with bacterial pathogens, foulbroods and other things, but I think it's enough for now.

The fact is there are many reasons and the whole situation is worse than is commonly believed. If the bees die off we will all starve to death. It’s common knowledge that the yellow-black striped insects pollinate about 80% of human plant-based food sources and therefore play a vital role in the workings of Nature. Even Albert Einstein is supposed to have said: »If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.« Who knows if he is right or not, but do you really want to find out?

I definitely see the importance of saving the bees and bringing back the beauty of the Earth. At the same time, I believe that the message of George Langworthy's and Maryam Henein's »Vanishing of the Bees« may help to save them. I would like to support their planned nationwide »Bee the Change« campaign with a donation collection here on EPO. The website receives about 700 visitors each day at the moment and if only 10 percent of them are willing to send some money, it would be a big deal! It doesn't matter if you donate 1, 5 or 10 dollars, euros or whatever - every bit counts! Plus, it will only cost you a few minutes of your time! You can use PayPal, AlertPay or MoneyBrookers for your donation; fans living in Europe are also welcome to send money via bank transfer (please contact me for additional information, address see below).

Attention! The first three donators, who send $20 US dollars (and more) will get a »Girls Gone Green« book written by Lynn Hirshfield and for the first three that donate $30 US dollars (and more) I will add an original »Whip It« mini poster for free! Additionally, the person who donates the most money gets an authentic autograph of Ellen (X-men photo signed by her)! The fund-raising campaign starts today and runs through June 30, 2010. Every single donation will be forwarded to Hive Mentality Films and listed on EPO! Please let me know if you don't want your name to appear on the website.

In 2008, we raised $850 US dollar for the needy people in Burma. Do you think we can top this? Please donate, tell your friends about it and spread the word! Many, many thanks for your support in advance!

» EPO donation collection for Vanishing of the Bees «

Please send your donation to:
General contact for this campaign:

Thanks to author Lynn Hirshfield, who gave me some copies of her book!

A couple of days ago, I added some new caps, video clips and specials of »Peacock« taken from the US retail DVD. I also watched the movie the other day and came to the following conclusion. It is difficult to like the film wholeheartedly. No doubt, Cillian Murphy gives one of his best performances and is perfect in his double role as John and Emma Skillpa. Ellen did a good job, although her part was rather small (she is only on screen for about 15 minutes) and she couldn't quite sell being a young single mother with a child that is nearly half as tall as his mom. The rest of the cast including big names like Susan Sarandon, Bill Pullman, Josh Lucas and Keith Carrdine isn't worth mentioning. Granted, they all doing their damnedest to keep the story going, but they don't contribute anything to the major plot at all. The biggest problem is that the movie tends to leave a lot of questions in the minds of the audience. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind if there are unanswered questions, but the audience should at least be able to get the basic points, which isn't easy.

We have already started a discussion on the message board, but as you can see most of the gathered information is based on pure speculation. Why is this so? Perhaps the story was not well edited, the director/producers were never clear about the type of movie they were making or faith in this project left at some point during the filming or post production. At the same time, the lack of any cast interviews is very suspicious. Is anyone aware of any interviews with Ellen, Cilian, Susan or Bill after filming wrapped?! Anyway, I'm sure there are several reasons why it never found a distributor for a theatrical release or even played at film festivals and was eventually released direct to DVD.

» Peacock - John meets Maggie and Jake «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 2:52 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 25,0 MB)
© Cornfield Productions / Mandate Pictures / Lionsgate. All rights reserved.

» Peacock - John is the father «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 3:35 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 30,7 MB)
© Cornfield Productions / Mandate Pictures / Lionsgate. All rights reserved.

Among the extras on the DVD are the original screenplay/script, an alternate ending, a couple delete scenes, some rehearsal footage featuring Cilian Murphy and a longer featurette which runs for around 20 minutes, functioning as the making of for the film. It is subdivided into chapters covering the creation of John and Emma, details on the filming locations and costumes as well as a brief introduction of the characters and initial plot by the cast and crew. According to producer Barry Mendel, one of the most important moments was when they talked to Ellen. She said Maggie was a character that really interested her. The role felt very honest, very fluid and very organic (one of her favourite words). I can quite understand why she wanted to be a part of this project based on the impression she had after reading the script. Despite what happened to her, Maggie is a strong-minded person who never gives up, tries to find a way out of her situation and cares for her child unconditionally. Plus, Ellen had never played a character like this before. On the other hand, you have to consider she had a special view on the role and was able to interact with the director, writer and producers in order to get more background information and a proper understanding. However, I'm certain the script was really better than what was produced and ended up on screen though this doesn't change anything. »Peacock« is an average thriller with an intermingled storyline, a good leading cast, many unanswered questions and a weird, disappointing ending. Not a »must see« in my book, but definitely worth a look if you like to be emotionally drained as well as entertained — and don't question everything. ;-)

» Peacock - DVD Feature - Movie Introduction «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 1:12 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 10,1 MB)
© Cornfield Productions / Mandate Pictures / Lionsgate. All rights reserved.

» Peacock - DVD Feature - Meet John & Emma «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 3:17 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 27,7 MB)
© Cornfield Productions / Mandate Pictures / Lionsgate. All rights reserved.

» Peacock - DVD Feature - The People of Peacock «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 3:11 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 26,9 MB)
© Cornfield Productions / Mandate Pictures / Lionsgate. All rights reserved.

» Peacock - DVD Caps «

Date: 06/06/2010 - 23:52:57 Posted by Dominik
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Ellen Page joins Diane Keaton in HBO's new Hollywood blogger comedy series »Tilda« *updated*
After nearly two months of negotiations, the Oscar-winning actress Diane Keaton has signed on to play the title role in HBO's »Tilda«. The series follows a powerful and much-feared female Hollywood blogger with a no-holds-barred style. The main character is said to be loosely based on Deadline editor-in-chief Nikki »Toldja!« Finke. Additionally, Ellen will costar as Carolyn, a morally conflicted creative assistant caught between following the corporate culture of the studio she works for and following Tilda, who has taken a keen interest in her.

Casting & plot update - 05/29/2010

Wes Bentley will play Tilda’s often called upon cute young IT guy whose relationship with her bleeds beyond just fixing her computer (they sleep together). David Harbour has been casted to play an old school entertainment columnist working for a major publication (in the version of the script circulated around town, it’s »The Los Angeles Times«) who harbors bitterness towards Tilda’s means of going about her job. In a guest starring/potential recurring role, Leland Orser will play a movie studio head who is being exposed by Tilda. (Source: deadline.com)

Plot of the first episode:

Tilda Watski is the most feared woman in Hollywood because her website, The Daily Circus (header: »Founder and Editor Tilda Watski«), takes aim at the town’s most powerful moguls. When a lecherous studio exec is caught drunk on video bashing movie stars (»No actor in Hollywood is worth more than a million dollars, unless he speaks Na’vi and has blue skin,« he says), an assistant tips off Tilda, who then jumps into action, badgering sources until she lands a story and the exec is kicked to the curb.

Casting update - 06/01/2010

Jason Patric will play Tilda’s nemesis, Andrew Brown, the head of a media empire she’s trying to expose.
(Source: deadline.com)

Casting update - 06/02/2010

Sanaa Lathan will play Sasha Litt, a mysterious new head of operations that RMG head Andrew Brown brings in to work at the studio. (Source: deadline.com)

Bill Condon, director of »Dreamgirls« and the upcoming »Twilight: Breaking Dawn« adaptation, is serving as executive producer with an eye to direct the pilot, and wrote the script along with »Tell Me You Love Me« creator and fellow exec-producer Cynthia Mort. The pilot is set to start shooting next month in Los Angeles with a planned launch on HBO sometime early next year.

Hollywood Reporter's Matthew Belloni reviewed a draft of the pilot script not long ago and published the following comment:

"When Tilda takes time off, she tells her readers, 'I have a medical issue today so I'm not posting,' a breathless advisory that fans of Finke's website will certainly find familiar. At one point Tilda says, 'People think I'm mean but I'm not. I just write mean.' That mirrors an interview with the New York Times last year in which Finke said 'I'm not mean, I just write mean.' In the script, a sycophantic producer says, 'Tilda is a once-in-a-generation talent who sets the news agenda in this town.' In the New Yorker profile, former Variety publisher Charlie Koones says -- you guessed it -- Finke is a 'once-in-a-generation talent -- she sets the news agenda in town.' [...]
The Condon/Mort script describes Tilda as "50ish" with "long blonde hair, the last vestige of the prep school girl she once was," and a demeanor that alternates between charming and monstrous ("I’d fire you because you’re a pathetic douche bag who fucks assistants and then replaces them," she barks at the studio exec). She has emotional issues and is agoraphobic (her groceries are being delivered in one scene), preferring to stay inside because "I just find it uncomfortable to run into the people I write about," she says. There hasn’t been a picture taken of Tilda for years. Oh, and she was fired from Newsweek and once had to sell her car to pay back taxes".

Apparently, those are all characteristics of Finke and events from her own life. And if they’re keeping to the idea that she rarely leaves home, then Ellen will no doubt have to do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to moving the plot around. In this way, she could end up being the main character, which might explain why she joined the project. Finally, here is a list of characters that might appear in the series, which has been compiled from an early copy of the casting breakdowns:

Tilda Spahr, Female, 50+, General Manager, Editor in Chief, and Founder of HollywoodSource.com. Cocooned in a Brentwood apartment complex, she spends most of her days parked at a cramped workstation littered in empty boxes of Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s, her stress food of choice. Great at her job, but unlucky at other aspects of her life, including love, family, recycling, etc. Has a cat she loves named Asshole. (LEAD)

Ron Ishmael, Male, early 50s, fit, ballbusting head of the most powerful agency in Hollywood. Regularly feeds axe-grinding tips to Tilda which she runs verbatim. (VERY STRONG RECURRING)

Jeff Zucker, Male, 50s, squat, roundly-loathed, high-powered TV exec whose disastrous futzing with the NBC schedule has made him an industry laughing stock and prime target for Tilda’s merciless takedowns. Wants Tilda dead. Not fired: Dead. (Strong possibility the actual Jeff Zucker will agree to play himself). (GUEST STAR)

Thong, Male, teens-early 20s, Thai-food bicycle delivery boy with whom she develops a tough-loving maternal bond. Gets shot late in the season, possibly by a rival blogger. (STRONG RECURRING)

Josh Roland, Male, late 40s, married, main editor of The Popcorn Blog and Tilda’s sworn nemesis. Regularly publishes lengthy diatribes about Tilda’s complete lack of ethics. Prime suspect in Thong’s shooting. An unabashed foodie and fan of musical theater, aspires to host his own Mexican cuisine Food Network show called A Churros Line (GUEST STAR)

Freida Spahr, Female, 50s, Tilda’s unmarried sister. Works in the records department of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Frequently storms into Tilda’s place and throws open the windows, saying, "Would it kill you to air this place out once in a while? It smells like a cat food factory in here!" (GUEST STAR)

Jack McThompson, Male, 20s, Freida’s neighbor, an aspiring actor: tall, built, and sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy. Regularly seen working shirtless on his Ducati in the parking lot. Later, Jeff promises him a recurring role on a Thursday-night sitcom in exchange for seducing Tilda. Must be comfortable with nudity. (POSSIBLE RECUR)

Dora Cashman, Female, 40s, the only blogger in Hollywood who hates Tilda more than Josh. Former freelance entertainment reporter turned editor-in-chief of The Century City Tattler, prides herself on getting to scoops before Tilda and will do whatever it takes to get them. Making payouts to Josh to keep him from spilling her past-life as Amethyst, a high-class callgirl who serviced the Armani-clad power-agents of the ’80s. Currently paralyzed and in a wheelchair after she was thrown off the roof of the Beverly Hilton by goons she suspects were sent by CAA (Creative Artists Agency). (RECURRING)

Indrajit, Male, 30s, for years, the person tech-unsavvy Tilda relies upon to keeps things running smoothly in her one-woman publishing company. Their relationship exists entirely over the phone, as Indrajit lives in Mumbai. What Tilda doesn’t realize, however, is that Indrajit has developed feelings for her during their countless troubleshooting walk-throughs. He lands on her doorstep later in the season to declare his love for her. She calls the police and has him arrested. (RECURRING)

If you want to learn more, I strongly recommend you to check out the press archive. Stay tuned for updates on this upcoming show and some screencaps and new clips from »Peacock«!

Date: 05/27/2010 - 10:55:51 Posted by Dominik
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7 new character posters for Chris Nolan's »Inception« / 60-Second UK TV Spot / *Update* Japanese Teaser Trailer
Empire has released seven posters for »Inception« today which give a hint of each major character's role through a one-word description. Leonardo DiCaprio is »The Extractor«, Ken Watanabe is »The Tourist«, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is »The Point Man«, Marion Cotillard is »The Shade«, Tom Hardy is »The Forger«, Cillian Murphy is »The Mark« and our Ellen is »The Architect«.

» Inception - Character posters (UK version) «

» Inception - Character posters (US version) «

If you stick to the usual heist terminology, the "mark" is the target for the job. Ellen’s character Ariadne, who was confirmed to be an architectural student in the third trailer, appears to be the architect for dream construction as well as Cobb's apprentice. Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will be the muscle of the operation, while Leonardo DiCaprio will be responsible for actually retrieving/extracting the information. According to the article on Wikipedia, the "point man" is defined as a person who walks several meters out in front of everyone else and is likely to be the first one to encounter enemy soldiers. It is a hazardous position that requires alertness and ability to deal with unexpected attacks. Marion Cotillard’s title might be a spoiler, so check Wikipedia for a possible explanation at your own risk. Ken Watanabe as "The Tourist", and not as "The Villain" like some might have expected, is the biggest question mark in this line-up. What is Christopher Nolan trying to tell us with this description? Is it referring to globetrotting or has it something to do with his character being the foreigner in the whole scenario? Actually we're still not much the wiser and maybe there is even a bit of misdirection, but I'm sure it will all make sense in the end.

On Friday, Warner Bros. UK has unveiled the world exclusive 60 second British TV spot via its own Facebook page. It doesn't show any new scenes, but some of them are a bit longer here. I like the little eye-brow moment from Ariadne while folding the landscape in Paris, albeit it looks a bit fake and cgi edited (take a look at her right eye and watch it frame by frame if you don't believe me). Anyway, check it out and forget everything you will see as soon as the spot is over.

» Inception - 60 Seconds UK TV Spot «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Length: 1:00 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 8,29 MB)
© Warner Bros. Pictures / Syncopy Films / Legendary Pictures. All rights reserved.

» Update - 05/25/2010 «

A new »Inception« trailer preview (a teaser if you like to call it that) and set of production stills were presented during an interview with Ken Watanabe on Japanese television today. Thanks to apw @ Nolan Fans who found the new stuff and shared it with us!

» Inception - Japanese Teaser Trailer «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 1:13 min | Resolution: 640x360 | Size: 10,5 MB)
© Warner Bros. Pictures / Syncopy Films / Legendary Pictures. All rights reserved.

Date: 05/24/2010 - 23:16:34 Posted by Dominik
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Ellen Page set to star in a feature film based on the award-winning documentary »Freeheld«
Ellen cuts her hair short again - but it won't be for a sequel of »Mouth to Mouth«. Nearly one and a half years after director Cynthia Wade talked about it in Gay USA (see post dated December 24, 2008), the production of a full-length feature film based on the Oscar-winning documentary short »Freeheld« is almost ready to start. As announced in a press release this morning, Ellen was the first and only choice for this long-planned project and is now officially set to play Stacie Andree, a New Jersey car mechanic and one of the two leading ladies.

»Freeheld« tells the true story of Stacie Andree and her police detective girlfriend Laurel Hester, who both battled to secure Hester’s pension benefits after she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Such a privilege was of course reserved solely for heterosexual married couples, not gay/lesbian domestic partners. Hester won her appeal in January of 2006, just a month before she passed away.

The screenplay is by Ron Nyswaner, who previously wrote the Oscar winning Philadelphia in the early 90’s. Tom Hanks won Best Actor in a Leading Role and Nyswaner landed a nomination for Best Screenplay. The Endgame Entertainment-financed film will be produced by James D. Stern, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher, Cynthia Wade and Kelly Bush, head of Vie Entertainment and Ellen's publicist.

This project is coming at just the right time when both gay marriage rights and healthcare are prominent political issues, especially in the USA, and a socio-critical drama that deals with some of the grave injustices facing gay/lesbian couples is probably well overdue. Furthermore, »Freeheld« is exactly the kind of small movie that needs an actor like Page to take interest and push it into the mainstream. And who knows, if Ellen nails it she could find herself among the Academy award nominees once again.

I think it's impressive and courageous that our favourite actress, who has been bombarded with unnecessary rumours regarding her sexual preference and a lot of gossip about her personal life in the past, has decided to take on this role. Hopefully it will turn out to be the right decision.

Now there is one last question that needs to be answered – who will co-star as the much older Laurel Hester? Stacie Andree was 30 at the time all this was taking place, which means the role will either be a bit of an adult stretch for Ellen since she often played characters younger than her actual age, or the filmmakers will age the characters down a little. Any suggestions? What about Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore or Toni Collette? Feel free to share your thoughts!

Finally, here's Ellen's first statement (via Facebook) and the full news release:

Los Angeles, Cannes (May 18, 2010) – Academy Award®-nominated screenwriter Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) will adapt Cynthia Wade’s 2007 Oscar®-winning documentary Freeheld into a feature film to star Academy Award®-nominee Ellen Page (Juno, Inception). The Endgame Entertainment-financed film will be produced by Endgame’s James D. Stern, Double Feature Films’ Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher, Vie Entertainment’s Kelly Bush, and Cynthia Wade. Endgame’s Doug Hansen and Adam Del Deo will executive produce.

Freeheld examines the true story of New Jersey car mechanic Stacie Andree (Page) and her police detective girlfriend Laurel Hester’s struggle to secure pension benefits after Hester’s diagnosis with a terminal illness. The struggle that ensued with the county legislators exposed government corruption, long-gestating community bigotry and the courage of individuals in a battle for equality that resonated around the world.

"As a documentarian and feature producer, you always look for powerful stories with subject matter that will resonate with audiences, and Cynthia’s remarkable chronicle of the battle forged by two women did just that," says Stern. "We are thrilled that Double Feature Films brought the project to us and that Ron, Ellen and our production partners are on board to do this unforgettable and relevant story justice."

"We saw Cynthia's wonderful documentary and right away we knew it would be a great dramatic film," recall Shamberg and Sher. "Ellen was our first and only choice for this and Endgame is the perfect home."

Nyswaner was nominated for an Oscar®, Golden Globe® and WGA® Award for Jonathan Demme’s Philadelphia and an Independent Spirit Award for The Painted Veil. He also penned the critically-acclaimed "Soldier’s Girl." Nyswaner’s adaptation of Hamlet for director Catherine Hardwicke is currently in production.

Page will next be seen opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in this summer’s Inception, for director Christopher Nolan. The actress has recently completed shooting Super opposite Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, and Kevin Bacon, directed by James Gunn and slated for a 2010 release.

Shamberg and Sher’s Double Feature Films has produced several films based on true stories, including Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center, Freedom Writers and the Oscar®-winning Erin Brockovich.

About Endgame Entertainment

Endgame Entertainment, under the leadership of CEO James D. Stern, is a production/financing company with over $100 million in operating capital. The company is currently in post-production on The Hungry Rabbit Jumps, directed by Roger Donaldson and starring Nicolas Cage. Recently released titles include the Academy Award nominated An Education (Sony Pictures Classics); and Every Little Step (Sony Pictures Classics), a documentary on the making of Broadway’s longest-running musical and current revival that was shortlisted for an Academy Award. Other titles include Summit’s caper comedy The Brothers Bloom; and Sony Pictures Classic’s Easy Virtue; as well as The Weinstein Company’s Bob Dylan biopic I’m Not There. Since its inception in 2003, Endgame has co-financed more than 25 features including Hotel Rwanda and Lord of War for Lionsgate; Proof for Miramax; White Noise for Universal; Stay Alive for Hollywood Pictures; and the New Line comedy Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Source: www.thewrap.com

Date: 05/18/2010 - 23:01:49 Posted by Dominik
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