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Welcome to Ellen Page Online, the first and foremost fansite dedicated to Canadian actress Ellen Page. Here you will find the latest news and the most up to date information, the biggest photo gallery online, video clips, movie trailers, wallpapers, an awesome message board and much more... Take a look around and enjoy your stay!

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Ellen Page among those attending the »An Evening« benefit event hosted by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center LogoJust a quick update. Last night, Ellen attended the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center's »An Evening« event honoring celeb stylist Rachel Zoe and benefitting homeless youth services at the Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood. She was joined by California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, producer Mike White, magazine editor/stylist George Kotsiopoulos and a couple of actresses like Anne Hathaway, Heather Graham, Emma Caulfield, Mandy Moore, Kelly Osbourne and Jennifer Grey. Since there are no pictures of her, Ellen apparently dodged the whole red carpet and sneaked in through a side entrance.

Twitter of Maximo TV
(Source: Maximo TV via Twitter)

Twitter of Kari Mozena
(Source: Los Angeles magazine editor Kari Mozena via Twitter)

L.A. Gay & Lesbian CenterFounded in 1971, the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center (LAGLC) provides a plethora of services for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, welcoming nearly a quarter-million client visits from ethnically diverse youth and adults each year. Through its Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic and on-site pharmacy, the center offers free and low-cost health, mental health, HIV/AIDS medical care and HIV/STD testing and prevention. The center also offers legal, social, cultural, and educational services, with unique programs for seniors, families and youth, including a 24-bed transitional living program for homeless youth. For more information, please visit www.lagaycenter.org.

Date: 01/24/2012 - 20:09:13 Posted by Dominik
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Video of the »Juno« press conference in Japan / Release of »SUPER« in Australia & Japan / »The East« concept images
It may sound a bit odd but why not post some older stuff when there isn't anything new going on? While doing some research on the Japanese DVD/Blu-ray release of »SUPER« (see below), I stumbled across a few articles, a couple of photos and even a video that haven't been widely publicized yet. As you may remember, following the Oscar buzz and the public premiere of »Smart People«, Ellen travelled to Japan for the second time. This time to promote her teenage pregnancy flick »Juno«. After the jump, you can watch a video of the press conference which was held at the Imperial Hotel in Hibiya, Tokyo on May 7, 2008. Afterwards she gave interviews to the local press as well as a handful of high school students. Unfortunately it's impossible to post meaningful translations of the transcripts at this point because of my lack of Japanese language skills. However, she looked very comfortable and talked about how the movie changed her life, and her favourite scene. She also talked about falling in love for the first time and having her own children one day.

» Juno - Japan Press Conference - 7th May 2008 «

Watch video | Download
(Format: AVI | Codec: XviD | Duration: 5:39 min | Resolution: 480x360 | Size: 47,8 MB)
© Catchy-TV. All rights reserved. / Credits to taniimura

James Gunn's »SUPER« has been released on DVD and Blu-ray in Australia this past Thursday and in Japan just yesterday. With both releases being identical to those in the US, probably the best edition is yet to come. The Germans will finally get a unique mediabook version of the dark superhero comedy by the end of this month featuring fantastic cover artwork, all episodes of Gunn's »PG Porn« web series and an information-packed, 16-page booklet. If everything goes well, I might get a few copies from the distributor for a contest. Stay tuned for more on this and click on the cover images below if you want to learn more about the editions available in your country.

Australia DVDAustralia Blu-rayJapan DVDJapan Blu-ray
SUPER Australian DVDSUPER Australian Blu-raySUPER Japanese DVDSUPER Japanese Blu-ray
Germany DVDGermany DVD (Mediabook)Germany Blu-rayGermany Blu-ray (Mediabook)
SUPER German DVDSUPER German Mediabook DVDSUPER German Blu-raySUPER German Mediabook Blu-ray

Since filming on »The East« wrapped in early December, it has been rather quiet around the upcoming eco-terrorist thriller. However, here are some photos and a drawing of the activist group to give you an idea about the movie's tone and what the main protagonists will likely look like. The date these images were published shows Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling have been working on this project for almost two years. I can imagine it's an incredible feeling to see your hard work finally come to fruition and to bring your self-written story and fictional characters to life. That said, I expect the final result of their debut collaboration to be warmly embraced by both critics and audiences alike. If one believes the latest articles including this brief interview with actress Patricia Clarkson, then »The East« is due out later this year.

The East Preview PosterThe East Preview Poster

Brit Marling by Zal Batmanglij

Eco Terrorist Group Drawing
[ From left to right: Tess (or Jess), Luca, Benji, Izzy, Thumbs or Nick(?), Doc and Sarah ]

Date: 01/08/2012 - 16:48:11 Posted by Dominik
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Shut up, Santa! / Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year / »Nero Fiddled« gets distributor and summer release
Shut up, Santa! Graphic by Dominik Keppner for Ellen Page Online

One of the major benefits of running a web site dedicated to an internationally acclaimed actress is that you inevitably get in touch with people from all over the world. While most of them just want to know how they can get an autograph of Ellen or contact her, there are others who don't forget about the human factor behind this online resource and realize how much effort it takes to create such a place and keep it up to date. With the end of the year approaching, I would like to thank the following individuals for helping me in large and small ways and making Ellen Page Online what it is today:

# Jim Hodgkinson, Canada # Thank you for being my right hand for several years now. I'm infinitely grateful that you patiently proof read all the news entries on this site, you always have an ear for me and you are on the spot any time. EPO wouldn't be the same without your constant involvement in the background. I hope you'll be with us for a long time yet!

# Marie-Laure Chieppa, France # “It's hard to find the right words to express my gratitude for all the things you have done throughout the year. But please know that you are and always will be a very special person to me. I'm happy that the German-French friendship as it's currently practised in the political arena ("Merkozy") goes hand in hand with the way we deal with each other. Finally, thank you for providing one of the best Christmas gifts ever!

# Jim Braciliano, USA # Thank you for contributing the rare VHS box set of the »Pit Pony« TV series and being a long-term member on the message board!

# William Wheeling, USA # Thank you for your generous donations which help to keep this project alive!

# John Goss, Japan # I know life for the Japanese wasn't always easy this year, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for me and picking up some DVDs, Blu-rays and CDs for my collection!

# Anika Mueller from Senator Entertainment, Germany # Thank you for providing posters and free tickets for the EPO contest on occasion of the German theatrical release of »Whip It« in September

# Dávid Neszmélyi from Hungaro, Germany # Thank you for your exceptional help in getting some Hungarian movie and series releases. This wouldn't have been possible without your assistance!

# The moderator team including Milo de Villiers (Canada), Allan Trick and Daniel Freer (both USA) # Thank you for taking care of the EPO forum and not letting it get out of control!

# Alex Ulko, Ukraine # Thank you for making me aware of some serious security issues and helping me to fix them! Also thanks for contributing all available Ukrainian releases of Ellen's movies to my collection!

# Ben Robins, United Kingdom # Thanks for letting me co-administrate the fan page for »SUPER« on Facebook. It was a pleasure to support James Gunn's superhero movie that way!

# Albert Anti from DVD filmtár, Hungary # Thank you for your effort in getting me an almost-impossible-to-find copy of the Hungarian »Hard Candy« DVD release!

# Leonard Doran, USA # Thanks for your donation and all the emails you sent me. I really enjoyed reading them and I regret that I cannot answer each one in a timely fashion!

# Elizabete Soares, Brazil # Thank you for your patience and your unremitting commitment in buying some Brazilian DVDs and Blu-ray for my EP collection!

# All donors listed here # Thank you for showing your love and support for EPO by donating to this project!

Special greetings to:

Bear McCreary and Jesper Kyd (Thanks for composing all these wonderful soundtracks which I listen to almost every day), my favourite actors and actresses including Kirsten Dunst, Bruce Willis, Autumn Reeser, Jim Carrey, Paula Schramm, Dennis Quaid, Madeline Carroll, Patrick Stewart, AnnaSophia Robb, Justin Timberlake, Maria Valverde, Hugh Jackman, Margarita Levieva, Christian Bale, Chloe Moretz, Anaïs Demoustier, Julia Dietze, Willa Holland, Hayley McFarland and Liana Liberato (Thanks for making unique, wonderful, inspiring, touching and entertaining movies), all the people who think of the future of our planet and set things in motion, my family and friends, and all I have forgotten to list.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

On a side note, Sony Pictures Classics has acquired all North American and UK rights to Woody Allen's »Nero Fiddled« and is planning on a summer 2012 release with a possible debut at the Cannes Film Festival. This will mark their fifth collaboration after »Sweet and Lowdown«, »Whatever Works«, »You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger« and the year's highest-grossing indie film »Midnight in Paris«, which earned nearly $140 million dollars worldwide and recently received four Golden Globe nominations. Hit the jump to read the full press release.

Sony Pictures Classics LogoNEW YORK (December 21, 2011) – Sony Pictures Classics announced today that they have acquired all North American and UK rights to Woody Allen’s next film, NERO FIDDLED. The film stars Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, Penelope Cruz, Jesse Eisenberg, Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page.

Produced by Letty Aronson, Steve Tenenbaum, Giampaulo Letta and Faruk Alatan, NERO FIDDLED, is a Medusa film and Gravier production. The film was Allen’s first film shot in Rome.

NERO FIDDLED marks Allen’s fifth film with Sony Pictures Classics. Allen’s most recent film with SPC, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, has made almost $60 million at the box office and is Allen’s highest grossing film in North America. The film also recently garnered four Golden Globe nominations. SPC’s previous collaborations with Allen include YOU WILL MEET A TALL DARK STRANGER starring Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin and Frieda Pinto; the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival’s opening night film WHATEVER WORKS starring Larry David, Patricia Clarkson and Evan Rachel Wood; and SWEET AND LOWDOWN, which garnered Oscar nominations for Sean Penn and Samantha Morton.

“More laughs in this one than you can imagine. We know it’s a bit premature, but thank you Woody and company, for granting us the perfect summer comedy of 2012. Keep ‘em coming,” says Sony Pictures Classics.

Allen adds, “I’ve had a number of very good experiences working with Sony Classics, culminating most recently with MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. They seem to be very sensitive to the kind of films I make, and I’m looking forward to working with them now again.”

Date: 12/24/2011 - 10:55:44 Posted by Dominik
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